Weekend Recap: One of those weekends

Hi everyone Happy Monday! 


Rejoice the worst day of the week is almost over.  

I send my apologies as there was no Friday Fancies this last week. I ended up being laid up sick in bed all day Thursday and woke up feeling just good enough to crawl out of bed and head into work. With so much on my plate at work missing my 1-7 shift on Thursday set me back a lot more than you would think. 

Friday I normally post my Friday Fancies right when I get to work when I am logging in to my personal email and prepping my office and todo list for the day. This Friday I don’t think I ever really made it into my office. Friday was a 12 hour on my feet busy sales day for the bike shop. On top of it being busy we have been preparing for the industry news journal to come through tomorrow and making sure the store is at top notch has been my #1 priority.  So with that said can you guess what my weekend consisted of?

You go it Work Work and more Work – 

Friday – Work 8 – 7:30 then bed (I even gave up a night out with my roomie)

Saturday – Work 8 – 6:30 then bed

Sunday – Bicycle into work, Work 9 – 5:30 – homework while watching bits and pieces of the Academy awards. 

Monday – Work 7-12, School 1-2:20 & 6:00-7:20 in-between is homework time oh and a break to blog a bit. 

Hopefully this week I wont get sick, will get to enjoy a night out with the roomie and maybe enjoy my weekend a little bit more than this last weekend! 

How was your weekend? Anything Interesting happen in your life? Were you in the same position as me? 

Well like I said at the begging of my post Rejoice Monday is almost over!!!!


Weekend Recap

How was every ones 3-day weekend? Although, I didn’t get a 3-day weekend I still enjoyed what I did have for the most part.

I spent the weekend house-sitting for some friends of ours. I get to babysit these two beautiful dogs who are like my niece and nephew now. Rocky is a Weimaraner and a super big baby when his mommy is away and Penelope is a huge Great Dane who is a pretty special girl.

I had to work on Saturday and it was a good thing I was there as we were slammed at the bike shop all day. Thankfully Mr. handsome was able to stop by and check in on the pups and feed them as I was tied up at work longer than I thought I would be. After work I met up with Mr. Handsome over at our friend Po’s house for a beer. From there we went to dinner. Chinese was on the menu, it wasn’t all that great of an experience but Mr. Handsome made the dinner date worth while. It was back to the house to hang out with the pups and shortly off to bed after that.

Sunday we had all intentions of pulling out our bicycles for our weekly ride but decided we would much rather veg out then go on a bicycle ride. We ended up catching a matinee for the new Denzel Washington movie “Safe House”. It was a keep you on the edge of your seat movie and I was very happy with Denzel’s performance per usual with any movie of his I see.  Denzel’s co-star Ryan Reynolds is a looker and did quite a great job in his performance in this movie as well. I recommend this movie to everyone. I heard it was the chart topper this weekend!


 After the movie we stopped by Mr. Handsome’s favorite story Fry’s in search of some computer speakers and then headed back to the house. From there we parted ways. I spent the rest of my afternoon walking the pups and hanging out with them. Then it was a Grocery store run, unpack all my stuff from the weekend and clean the house for the week.

Monday was a day off from school in honor of Presidents Day. Although, it wasn’t much of a day off. I spent the first half of my morning working from home and the rest of the day working on a mountain of homework. I feel as though I only cut off the peak of the homework todo. Oh well what can you say Homework is never ending.

On a good note this weekend I found out I was accepted to Sacramento State University. I am still waiting my acceptance to San Francisco State University as I am planning my move to San Francisco in June. As much as I am excited to have been accepted to Sacramento State the field of communications I am studying is not a focus at Sacramento.

Well heres to yet another busy week of school, work, and life. I hope you all enjoyed your 3-day weekend. Please share your weekend with me, I love to hear what is going on in your lives as well.


Friday Fancies: Pretty N’ Pink

When I saw this outfit I absolutely fell in-LOVE! Can I say the SPARKLE Scarf is screaming my name! The pink and creams are perfect for my taste. I can’t wait to start the hunt for a cheaper version of this beautifully put together outfit!

pretty in pink


Are you as in-LOVE with this outfit as I am? Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Do you have any plans yet?


Valentine’s Day!!!

Although Mr. Handsome and I are not big fans of the show your love on one day of the year Halmark Holiday, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! 


Are you doing something special with your loved one today? Did you already do something over the weekend? Mr. Handsome and I celebrated our love for one another on Friday! Although, we do our best to celebrate our love all year round by doing little things with or for one another. 

We went out to a nice dinner at a local Sushi Chain Mikuni’s. If you are ever in the Northern California Area you must stop by Mikuni’s they have some amazing sushi! We exchanged our gifts to each other when we go home. Mr. Handsome gave me a very pretty charm type bracelet. I will have to post a picture in my weekend recap post. I gave him a bag of his favorite Starbucks coffee Casi Cielo (its to die for) and two tie clips as he has to wear a tie to work everyday. We then spent the rest of the evening tangled up in each others arms while “watching” (wink…wink) I Love You Man!

I will post a weekend recap tomorrow and not bore you with all that stuff today! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I am taking my bestie out tonight as she is celebrating being single. We are going to sneak some wine in to the theaters and watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D!


Friday Fancies: Sparkles

I do know what it is about Sparkles but they have become my best friend on Printerest.

My roommates birthday bash is this weekend and I’m pretty sure I will be decked out in something with sparkles! 


This dress is my #1 Pick its on sale but still way out of my budget!

Check it out at http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/103005


Now this top seems to be like more of something I would wear out for a night out on the town. I have been keeping my out for something like it in a local store but nothing yet. Who knew sparkles could be so expensive http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/103959ImageWell we can all strive to live by this quote this week. Keep Calm and Sparkle. I think Sparkle nail polish and a sparkle tank top I have will have to cut it this weekend for my roomies birthday bash!


Do you love sparkles just as much as I do? 

I wish everyone a sparkle filled wonderful weekend. Mr Handsome and I are headed to San Francisco in the morning for a Red Egg and Ginger Celebrations to welcome a friend of our’s new baby twins! Then we will be spending a night out on the town with my lovely roomie celebrating her 25th birthday! 

What are you plans for the weekend? 


Hello Wordpress: A New Blogging Beginning

I have converted from Blogger to WordPress. This is a new beginning as a blogger for me. In all hopes I will blog more and gain a desired feedback. Learning from my past mistakes and making new ones. Learning from you the readers and experiencing/sharing my life through writing.

I welcome you to my blog. I am hoping some of you are continued subscribers making the move with me as well as new subscribers interested in reading about my life, dreams and scatter brain thoughts.

On this blog I will try and post about my life and anything that seems to spur my interest and maybe even yours. I am hoping to this blog a place to turn negative things in to positive ones. Although I am sure there will be times I have a bad day and need to vent. I will do my best to make sure I spin the end of my venting around to something positive.

Starting tomorrow I will begin a new endeavor for my blogging life and start a continued Friday Fancies. My Friday Fancies will consist of different things. One day it might be clothing, the next it might be home decor and/or food related. Hang in there with me as I get the hang of things.

Once I get my blog up and moving I will try and set up a survey to see what you the readers are interested in hearing from me. Reader input is an amazing aspect of blogging and I cannot wait to embrace it.

Well until tomorrow I leave you with a quote I live by daily. “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe