Valentine’s Day!!!

Although Mr. Handsome and I are not big fans of the show your love on one day of the year Halmark Holiday, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! 


Are you doing something special with your loved one today? Did you already do something over the weekend? Mr. Handsome and I celebrated our love for one another on Friday! Although, we do our best to celebrate our love all year round by doing little things with or for one another. 

We went out to a nice dinner at a local Sushi Chain Mikuni’s. If you are ever in the Northern California Area you must stop by Mikuni’s they have some amazing sushi! We exchanged our gifts to each other when we go home. Mr. Handsome gave me a very pretty charm type bracelet. I will have to post a picture in my weekend recap post. I gave him a bag of his favorite Starbucks coffee Casi Cielo (its to die for) and two tie clips as he has to wear a tie to work everyday. We then spent the rest of the evening tangled up in each others arms while “watching” (wink…wink) I Love You Man!

I will post a weekend recap tomorrow and not bore you with all that stuff today! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I am taking my bestie out tonight as she is celebrating being single. We are going to sneak some wine in to the theaters and watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D!


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