Weekend Recap

How was every ones 3-day weekend? Although, I didn’t get a 3-day weekend I still enjoyed what I did have for the most part.

I spent the weekend house-sitting for some friends of ours. I get to babysit these two beautiful dogs who are like my niece and nephew now. Rocky is a Weimaraner and a super big baby when his mommy is away and Penelope is a huge Great Dane who is a pretty special girl.

I had to work on Saturday and it was a good thing I was there as we were slammed at the bike shop all day. Thankfully Mr. handsome was able to stop by and check in on the pups and feed them as I was tied up at work longer than I thought I would be. After work I met up with Mr. Handsome over at our friend Po’s house for a beer. From there we went to dinner. Chinese was on the menu, it wasn’t all that great of an experience but Mr. Handsome made the dinner date worth while. It was back to the house to hang out with the pups and shortly off to bed after that.

Sunday we had all intentions of pulling out our bicycles for our weekly ride but decided we would much rather veg out then go on a bicycle ride. We ended up catching a matinee for the new Denzel Washington movie “Safe House”. It was a keep you on the edge of your seat movie and I was very happy with Denzel’s performance per usual with any movie of his I see.  Denzel’s co-star Ryan Reynolds is a looker and did quite a great job in his performance in this movie as well. I recommend this movie to everyone. I heard it was the chart topper this weekend!


 After the movie we stopped by Mr. Handsome’s favorite story Fry’s in search of some computer speakers and then headed back to the house. From there we parted ways. I spent the rest of my afternoon walking the pups and hanging out with them. Then it was a Grocery store run, unpack all my stuff from the weekend and clean the house for the week.

Monday was a day off from school in honor of Presidents Day. Although, it wasn’t much of a day off. I spent the first half of my morning working from home and the rest of the day working on a mountain of homework. I feel as though I only cut off the peak of the homework todo. Oh well what can you say Homework is never ending.

On a good note this weekend I found out I was accepted to Sacramento State University. I am still waiting my acceptance to San Francisco State University as I am planning my move to San Francisco in June. As much as I am excited to have been accepted to Sacramento State the field of communications I am studying is not a focus at Sacramento.

Well heres to yet another busy week of school, work, and life. I hope you all enjoyed your 3-day weekend. Please share your weekend with me, I love to hear what is going on in your lives as well.


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