Weekend Recap: One of those weekends

Hi everyone Happy Monday! 


Rejoice the worst day of the week is almost over.  

I send my apologies as there was no Friday Fancies this last week. I ended up being laid up sick in bed all day Thursday and woke up feeling just good enough to crawl out of bed and head into work. With so much on my plate at work missing my 1-7 shift on Thursday set me back a lot more than you would think. 

Friday I normally post my Friday Fancies right when I get to work when I am logging in to my personal email and prepping my office and todo list for the day. This Friday I don’t think I ever really made it into my office. Friday was a 12 hour on my feet busy sales day for the bike shop. On top of it being busy we have been preparing for the industry news journal to come through tomorrow and making sure the store is at top notch has been my #1 priority.  So with that said can you guess what my weekend consisted of?

You go it Work Work and more Work – 

Friday – Work 8 – 7:30 then bed (I even gave up a night out with my roomie)

Saturday – Work 8 – 6:30 then bed

Sunday – Bicycle into work, Work 9 – 5:30 – homework while watching bits and pieces of the Academy awards. 

Monday – Work 7-12, School 1-2:20 & 6:00-7:20 in-between is homework time oh and a break to blog a bit. 

Hopefully this week I wont get sick, will get to enjoy a night out with the roomie and maybe enjoy my weekend a little bit more than this last weekend! 

How was your weekend? Anything Interesting happen in your life? Were you in the same position as me? 

Well like I said at the begging of my post Rejoice Monday is almost over!!!!


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