A bit of a Hiatus

When will I ever be on top of this thing? Really, I do love blogging but lately life has really gotten the best of me. I mean one week turned into three weeks.  Well in all hopes I am back from my blog hiatus. Although, I am not sure I could really call it a hiatus. I wasn’t taking a break on purpose. Really. Life just got in the way. 

So lets recap my last couple of weeks. Last time I posted I informed everyone of my acceptance to San Francisco State University. That was some news I had been waiting a life time to receive. YAY! It’s finally here. Although, now I am starting to freak out a little bit. The thought of having to find a new job and a new place to live is a little overwhelming. I’m sure that once I am finished with this semester of school things will be lest overwhelming. 

Other than the winding down of my excitement these last few weeks have brought me some health issues. On the 15th I passed out and ended up in Urgent Care due to intolerable stomach pains and vomiting. This turned into testing for Salmonella and/or Chron’s Disease. At this point I have neither but the doctors have me under close watch.

I think most of my health outrage was due to stress. Between work and school I have been fairly strung out. Well, Spring Break is a week away and I will have a little bit of a hiatus from school then. Lindsay and I will be headed to the Bay Area for a day to check out places and areas for me to live. (I will make sure to take lots of pictures and update you all on that adventure) 

This past weekend was fairly relaxing. I had the joy of housesitting the pups (Penelope and Rocky) and having Mr. Handsome join me. I worked everyday but made the best of the time I had with the pups and Mr. Handsome. I miss having time to spend with him. At least we are getting used to the idea of being apart for awhile now, before I move. Should make the adjustment fairly easy. 

My poor kitty Sweetpea seems to have separation anxiety. Poor Kitty threw up a few times while I was gone and now that I am home won’t leave my side. Makes me feel very loved. Image

Isn’t she just adorable! 

Well here’s to a new week. I vow to blog more and catch up on the 243 unread blogs on my bloglovin account. As well as, to start waking up in the morning and starting my day with some Yoga. Hopefully that will releve some of my stress and keep me calm. 

Till next time – Enjoy your week everyone! 


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