Lets Play Catch Up

Every time I wanted to sit down and post this past week something came up.  But Hello here I am, so lets catch up!

The Challenge – What did you think of that? It lasted until last Saturday which was a great feet for me. Even though I stated I didn’t want to eat out for two weeks. Unfortunately Spring Break fell into those two weeks and blew the challenge. However as of yesterday, I have hopped back on The Challenge wagon.

Saturday night the roomie and our girls wanted to go out for dinner and drinks. Dinner and drinks quickly turned into a Pub Crawl.

Here are a few pictures from the night –


Then Mr. Handsome and I went to the outlet mall on Sunday (I didn’t spend any money!) I am so proud of myself, it was really hard for me but I knew I didn’t NEED anything!

Monday I gave Sweetpea a bath only to find out that she has fleas. So a second bath was required as well as turning the apartment upside down while cleaning and putting down flea killing chemicals. I managed to get my Spring cleaning done though. Here’s my entire room in the living room at one point in time during the day.

Image              Image

My poor sweet girl – She was not happy after getting two baths and being locked in the bathroom while I cleaned!

Tuesday the bestie and I headed to San Francisco to check out an apartment and just hang out! The apartment we looked at was mortifying. We looked at a couple other places and they weren’t to bad but they weren’t what I was looking for. We stayed on my stepdads sail boat Tuesday night and what an adventure that was. Couldn’t find a wine bottle opener on the boat so we used a hammer. We were desperate for our wine! Below are some pictures from our trip!


This week I wont have anymore posts. I am working all weekend and trying to fit in as much time with Mr. Handsome as possible. This week means back to school, a big work event and my little sister in town visiting from Washington. I can’t wait to see her. I will most defiantly make sure to post about my sisters visit!

Until then I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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