Packing Ugh!

I have managed to pack up my desk, most of my kitchen stuff (the non daily use items) and my bookshelf. Except now my book shelf is collecting random things that need to find a home in a box at some point.

I am really not a fan of packing. 1 week left  and I work everyday till May 31st. So if I don’t keep working at it daily I am going to be freaking out come June 1st.

Today, I deep cleaned the kitchen while packing all the items I don’t see myself or my roommate using in the next week. All I have left is utensils, pots, pans, cups and dishes. Those items will get packed when my roommate brings her replacement items from out of storage.

Done for the day though. Now it is time to pick up a book and relax. Currently reading “Catching Fire” the 2nd book of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Do you have any packing tips or tricks to share? I’d love to hear them!


Fall into place

Thats right, everything seems to be falling right into place for me. On Sunday I spent the day in San Francisco, had an interview with City Cycle a bicycle shop in the Marina/Cow Hollow area, and went and checked out the apartment I wanted to move into. 

I put down my deposit and first’s month rent for the apartment. It is going to be perfect for me and I can’t even wrap my head around how large the closet is. I will most defiantly post pictures once I am all moved in. Maybe I will even do an empty room before and then an after segment. Then I can show how I decided to design my room. 

Today I was offered a positon at City Cycle and gladly accepted. I am being offered everything I was looking for. Work will be about 20 minutes from my apartment but I can ride my bike, the bart & muni or drive. My choice of options would be in that order. 

School finished up for me today as well. So deep breathe taken and relaxation started. Other than work and packing up my place, which includes hopefully clearing out the old and neglected items I own as well I am taking things easy. 

I’ve worked hard to get here and I will continue to work harder to achieve all of my goals. 



Finals… time to stay focused

So the time has come to buckle down and stay focused. It’s the last couple weeks of school and finals time. 

Which with bloglovin, theeverygirl.com, facebook and pinterest thats a bit hard. Every time I log onto my computer I am pulled towards these sites. 

But, it’s not just the social media that is distracting. There is the idea of moving in a month and having no idea where I am going to live or work. That happens to be very distracting and keeps me on craigslist alot of the time. 

There is work… ugh work… oh and the fact that I am still trying to have a damn life. 

Wish me luck as I continue to be make my way through the next couple of weeks of school winding down and finals. 

Oh but don’t forget to check out #WeddingWeek on the Everygirl. Which I promise will be stealing my attention from school finals for a little bit. I just can’t help it the girls who run this page are amazing!