Packing Ugh!

I have managed to pack up my desk, most of my kitchen stuff (the non daily use items) and my bookshelf. Except now my book shelf is collecting random things that need to find a home in a box at some point.

I am really not a fan of packing. 1 week left  and I work everyday till May 31st. So if I don’t keep working at it daily I am going to be freaking out come June 1st.

Today, I deep cleaned the kitchen while packing all the items I don’t see myself or my roommate using in the next week. All I have left is utensils, pots, pans, cups and dishes. Those items will get packed when my roommate brings her replacement items from out of storage.

Done for the day though. Now it is time to pick up a book and relax. Currently reading “Catching Fire” the 2nd book of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Do you have any packing tips or tricks to share? I’d love to hear them!


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