Adventures in San Francisco: Post #2

After a morning of cleaning my room and preparing for Mr. Handsome to be here on Saturday, I decided I wanted to head out and go window shopping in the Marina.

Needless to say window shopping is all I can afford to do in this area of San Francisco.

Even with my credit card in tow, I still couldn’t find myself splurging for those items I absolutely fell in love with. I guess that’s a good thing, right?

I did decided the one thing I would splurge on was a nice late lunch/early dinner for myself.  So, that’s what I did. I found a nice little restaurant ordered their gourmet grilled cheese and a house salad with a lovely glass of Pinot Noir.  It was delicious and well worth it.

I only managed to take one photo. But I also added a photo here of the view from the Regency Club at the Hyatt Hotel where I met up with a very close friend visiting from Sacramento for dinner on Wednesday night.

Well the count down begins. Mr. Handsome will be here tomorrow afternoon around 4:00pm.

Also I want to give a quick shout out to my cousin in Austin who has started blogging over here http://kaydeejay.hubpages.com/hub/Why-Its-Good-To-Make-Time-For-Wine. She just finished up a lovely post about Making Time For Wine a tradition in our family.  Although, I can’t always have a glass at 4:00 in the afternoon, when I can I make the effort.


Adventures in San Francisco: Post #1

Today I start my Adventures in San Francisco blog posts! This one is a little late but hey as they always say “Better late than never!”

Last Tuesday I hoped on the Bart from my apartment and headed into the city.

I landed myself at the San Francisco Ferry Building.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a farmers market in front of the Ferry Building so that was my first stop. I ended up getting there as things were closing down so I only found some Armenian Cucumbers that were worth me picking up.

I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through the building and people watching. Here are a few pictures that I captured from the day!

Have you ever been to the San Francisco Ferry Building?

Where should I venture off to next? I’m heading out this Thursday!

The Farmers Market

Armenian Cucumbers

The Ferry Building

Look out for more posts on Adventures in San Francisco! This weekend Mr. Handsome is coming to visit and we plan on exploring a district of San Francisco one on Saturday night and one on Sunday Night. Monday I have planned a romantic day (which will be my first installment of  Date Ideas in San Francisco!)