1 and 1/2

Thats right its has been a week and half since I moved to the bay area.  So far I am enjoying every minute of it. Although there was one little hiccup, which I’ll explain later. Lets take a look at my past week in a half. 

Sunday 6/3 – Moved in 

Monday 6/4 – Sent Mr. Handsome back home and spent the day unpacking. Sad day but I made it through with no tears. I know he is not that far away and our relationship is strong. It’s the time apart from each other thats going to make this living arrangement such a drag. Work and school will keep us both busy though so the time will fly by when we aren’t together. 

Tuesday 6/5 – Spent some more time unpacking, cleaning and organizing. Went on a bike ride to figure out how to get to my work by bicycle and transit. Went on an even longer bicycle ride home, exploring what San Francisco can offer cyclists.  I have everything unpacked but, I still haven’t gotten to hanging any of my pictures. 

Wednesday 6/6 – Did nothing… laid around watching Gossip Girl, relaxing before life began all over. I did watch some training videos for work off and on throughout the day. 

Thursday 6/7 – First Day of work. It was a lot of fun. Watch this video to see the fun had at City Cycle. 

Friday 6/8 – Monday 6/11 – Work! Things are catching on quickly. I have picked up the role of processing, placing and receiving orders. As well as, I am up and running the social media stuff along side others as well.  I guess we could call me the Inventory-Social Media-Sales Butterfly! Yup thats me!!! 

Tuesday 6/12 – This is where the hiccup came. I took my car to the auto shop because its check engine light came on. Old Betsy has taken a turn for the worse. Her engine needs some work and I can’t afford it. So I have decided to live my life in the bay area without a car. I will bike, bus or take the Bart everywhere I need to go and if I ever truly need a car to use with my new job I get a great membership with Zip Car. Oh and I made some Yummy Snicker Doodle Cookies with white chocolate filling. 


Wednesday 6/13 – Normally my day off but I went into work to make up for the fact that I am not working tomorrow (Friday)… Had a fun but busy filled day at work. Took the bus to bart to bus home last night but got on the wrong bus after the bart. Ugh… An hour later I finally made it home. 

Today- I have work. 

So there you have it my past first week and a half living in the bay area. I havent really been able to get out an explore much due to the moving in and unpacking and the whole Old Betsy dyeing thing. However, I plan over the summer to take at least one of my days off a week to get out and explore San Francisco. I also plan on getting my butt back into great cycling condition so I can keep up with the folks I work with. 

I have orientation for school on Friday Yay!  

How was your past week and a half? I’d love to hear whats going on in your life! 

– Christy 


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