Monday Giveaway-

 One Fine Day a blog I read daily is having a giveaway.  Ashley writes a fun fashion blog, you’ll be amazed with some of her posts.  

Back to the Giveaway though. One Fine Day is giving away a $50.00 gift card to Shabby Apple. Hop on over to One Fine Day go through the steps to be entered in the drawing.  

Good Luck!!! 

Oh and Happy Monday! 



Definition of BUSY according to Merriam-Webster

1: engaged in action : occupied b : being in use <found the telephone busy>

2: full of activity : bustling <a busy seaport>


3: foolishly or intrusively active : meddling


4: full of distracting detail <a busy design>
My name should be in one of those definitions. I have been very busy lately. Wish I wasn’t so busy seeming as I am on summer vacation from school..

Last time I made an appearance on my blog I was wishing the Mr. Handsome a happy birthday. He is a handsome 27 years old now.  The day before his birthday I went and saw him run his first half marathon.  I am so proud of him. Looks like he’ll be running another in October and then is aiming for a full in November.

Other than watching his race and wishing him a happy birthday I’ve been working everyday. On my two days off last week I ran errand and lounged around the house. This week Mr. Handsome was here visiting on my days off.

He has all the pictures from his visit. As soon as I get them from him I will put a couple posts up. I have a couple posts for my Dates in San Francisco segment after his trip here that will be good!

Here’s one picture I have from the visit..



Happy Birthday Mr. Handsome!!

Today I want to write a letter to Mr. Handsome in honor of his birthday.  Bare with me everyone as I get sentimental today!

Mr. Handsome –

Happy Birthday! You are everything a girl could ask for and today I feel like I am the one receiving the biggest gift. The gift of celebrating the day you were born is a gift in disguise and I am very thankful for it. I am so excited to be able to be that person by your side, to be here to celebrate every accomplished year of your life, and to really just have you. Heres to many more birthdays spent together.

Congratulations on your first half marathon yesterday. I am so proud of you!

Wish I could be spoiling you today. Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

Love you-


Picnic Day Spring 09′ One of my favorite photos of us! 







Wishing everyone a lucky day. I’m not superstitious, at least I don’t think I am. Are you superstitious?  Do you take caution on days like today?

Do you have any special plans today? I’ll be working all day and then probably will come home to watch a rerun of a Freak Friday movie with a glass of wine.

Hope its a joyful and safe day for all!



Neglecting blogging at its finest

I really don’t mean to ignore my blog. I just get busy and every time I sit down to type something I get distracted. To be honest I mainly get distracted reading other ladies blogs and hanging out on The Every Girl website.

Last time I blogged was to wish everyone a happy 4th. I hope everyone had a wonderful day, I know I did. Spending time with my mom just mom daughter time was great. Having our work relationship behind us is going to grow our relationship. I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

I also mentioned that I would recap on Mr. Handsome’s weekend visiting me. Well it was amazing. That’s all I can say… lol…jk… We had a wonderful time.

~ On Saturday night he picked me up from work and we stopped by my house to change for the evening and then headed back into the city. Dinner was at the Stinking Rose in North Beach which is basically little Italy. After dinner we wandered into a couple of bars and just spent the night enjoying each others company.

This is the ceiling at Stinking Rose

~ On Sunday we basically did the same thing. First was a beer and some appetizers at the Brick Yard in Cow Hollow/Marina area after he picked me up from work which from there we ended up landing ourselves back in North Beach. We stopped at this amazing little bar called Vesuvio, we sat upstairs had a couple of drinks and just caught up on life. I recommend this place to everyone!!! The evening led to a fun place that I will not discuss via blog as its well private…I’ll let your minds do the wandering.

Drinks at Vesuvio!

~ On Monday I had an amazing date plan but we were both super tired and felt like being lazy. So, instead we slept in, went to lunch and then a movie. After seeing a movie we picked up stuff for dinner. Per Mr. Handsome’s request I baked one of his favorites Hash-brown Casserole for dinner. It was yummy as usual. (So amazing date put on hold till next visit.)

~ Tuesday morning, I unfortunately sent him on his way.

As you can see we had a fun time. I wish I would have snapped more pictures but I was to excited and preoccupied to do so.

So that catches you up on Mr. Handsome’s visit last week.  I will do my best to post again a couple of times over the next few days to catch up on more, like my visit home for the fourth, and my fun adventures in Marin County today with my new friend.

Back to doing laundry for now.