Definition of BUSY according to Merriam-Webster

1: engaged in action : occupied b : being in use <found the telephone busy>

2: full of activity : bustling <a busy seaport>


3: foolishly or intrusively active : meddling


4: full of distracting detail <a busy design>
My name should be in one of those definitions. I have been very busy lately. Wish I wasn’t so busy seeming as I am on summer vacation from school..

Last time I made an appearance on my blog I was wishing the Mr. Handsome a happy birthday. He is a handsome 27 years old now.  The day before his birthday I went and saw him run his first half marathon.  I am so proud of him. Looks like he’ll be running another in October and then is aiming for a full in November.

Other than watching his race and wishing him a happy birthday I’ve been working everyday. On my two days off last week I ran errand and lounged around the house. This week Mr. Handsome was here visiting on my days off.

He has all the pictures from his visit. As soon as I get them from him I will put a couple posts up. I have a couple posts for my Dates in San Francisco segment after his trip here that will be good!

Here’s one picture I have from the visit..



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