First Day!

Today as I sit drinking my morning cup of coffee and eating a bowl of cereal thoughts race through my mind.

Am I going to finish in two years?

Will I get in to all the classes I need?

Will I make new friends or be a loaner?

Am I going to be happy with the direction I have decided to go?

As I ponder over the answers to these questions, I realize there is really only one answer and that is lets see what happens. Because in all actuality it doesn’t really matter. If the answer to any of those questions becomes no then I just have to find a way to change it.

My goal through the rest of my schooling is to stay positive and just know that I finally made it here after 5 years. To take deep breaths and be proud that I made to this point and there’s no where but up ahead of me in my future.

So wish me luck as I start my first day as a San Francisco State University Gator. I am entering as a transfer student into my junior year of college.



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