Update: 2 weeks in!

Good Evening. 

I left you last time with my first day of school butterflies and now I come to you with my two weeks in update. 

Here are the questions I was asking myself with answers as of 2 weeks in:

Am I going to finish in two years? Who knows but I am aiming to do so

Will I get in to all the classes I need? It was tough but I got into classes, not per say the ones I needed but at least ones that interest me and enough to meet my financial aid requirements

Will I make new friends or be a loaner?  I will make new friends slowly but surely. However, my main focus is my education.

Am I going to be happy with the direction I have decided to go? I think so. I couldn’t enjoy the classes Im taking any more than I am. I think i’m headed down the correct path. 

So with that said everything is looking on the up and up. My work/school load is heavy but I will pull through it. 

Thank you to everyone who is giving me the love, courage and support to keep reaching for my goals.