a month rEaLlY!!!!

Wow, I can’t believe it has already been a month since the last time I posted on LMLAIKI. Things have been absolutely crazy when it comes to my life. To recap a bit!

School: Lots of it, Lots of Homework, making friends here and there

Work: Lots of it, and taking on a new role

Mr. Handsome: Saw him 3 weeks ago (a fun 12 hour trip to Sacramento to hang with him), plans to see him again up in the air as to when : (

Still madly in love!

Having long distance relationship isn’t easy and if anyone says it is please ask them what they are smoking so I can have some.

Very proud of him for running a Half Marathon on Sunday in 1hr and 9 minutes so shout out to my squeeze!

Health/Fitness: Working out at least 3 times a week – changing my diet as much as I can – I’m healthier, working on losing around 15 pounds to get to my goal BMI My goal is to run a 5k within the next 6 months. I am working on training on the treadmill and putting in the time running building up endurance then I am going to focus on running out side for distance. Right know I just want to get my body used to running!

Life in general is crazy! I miss Mr. Handsome like there is no tomorrow. School is kicking my butt but I am achieving my goals. Work drains me but I am finding myself in a position that fits what I am looking for at this time in my life.

Bonus for the week: Last minute trip to San Diego for work! Bring it on!!!

Hope all is well with you!

Happy October!