Time Flys….Even when your not having fun!

I can’t say I’m not having any fun but the last month has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for me and today I am going to be gloomy and focus on the downs. Hopefully thats alright with you. 

Last time I wrote, I gave a brief update that Mr. Handsome and I are no longer together. This still holds true and in the end truly is the best for the both of us.  We are in different places in our lives and both realize we are headed in different directions. For him, the future he had pictured he couldn’t see me in.  Don’t get me wrong it hurt like hell and it still does. I love him and always will have a very fond place for him in my heart. He is my best friend and we have agreed to work hard to keep our friendship and so far are doing pretty well at it.  I’ll be doing okay for a few days and then sometimes it will just hit me. So don’t be shocked if there are a few gloomy post on here.  I’m sure I will have many more posts to come that reflect back on that relationship in a positive way but also maybe a few posts that are days I just need to vent from the pain. 

But lets move on from that and on to school… Ugh it is kicking my butt. But I am almost finished with my first semester at SFSU. It has been a roller coaster, the work load is always up and down. My grades are okay, not where I want them to be but I am working very hard these last couple of weeks to get them where they need to be.  

After talking to my advisers I am on track for everything and should be all finished with my bachelors spring of 2014.  Then my plan is a semester off to study for the LSAT and then off to Law school… oh boy what am I getting myself into. 

But to leave things on a good note. Its the Holiday Season. My favorite. 

Oh and I am now the new renter of my very own studio in downtown SF!!! Yay! 

I hope everyone has a good couple of days. I am hoping to get back on the up and up of this blog soon. 

Always looking for inspiration please share if you have some. 







I’ve been MIA!

I’m sorry for my absence. I really wish I wasn’t so distant from this blog. With school and work I am crazy busy and just don’t have the time to post. I am going to work on it more but can’t make any promises.

I’m going through an extremely hard time right now as Mr. Handsome and I just ended our 4 year relationship last Wednesday. I know it’s the best for the both of us but it’s defiantly very hard to coupe with.

I will try to post a bit more in the next coming weeks. I just wanted to let you all know where I am at right now and why I’ve been MIA.

I’ll come back to you all soon!

Always –