Weekly Catch Up

It’s already the end of Tuesday I can’t believe it. Yes I know for most of you this is only the second day to your week but for me Tuesday is my 1st day off in 5 days.

Its been a busy week for myself filled with mainly work. But to catch you up on what has happened in the past week I will do a run through.

Monday 11/7 – A day filled with work and then of course the Bachelor premiere with my girls.. Can I just say Sean is absolutely adorable.

Tuesday 11/8 – Day off spent in bed with a Crohn’s disease flare up… I am adding to my list of things to do, to write a post on living with Crohn’s.

Wednesday 11/9 – Stayed home from work to lay in bed for another day between the cold I had been fighting and my Crohn’s it was much-needed

Thursday 11/10 – Normally my day off but I went to work to make up for taking Wednesday off.

Friday 11/11 – Another fun-filled day at work – My girl Lowe and I went and saw Zero Dark Thirty Amazing movie, if you haven’t seen it then you must.

Saturday 11/12 – The longest day at work…every week…I hate it. To top it off it was the 1st playoff game of the season and I didn’t get to spend it with my social group. To make all things well though, we had our staff holiday party (finally!) and a few margaritas in and ESPN updates to my phone with a win from the Niners (ya buddy!), I had a pretty good night. Although I did almost die. See my Adventure Wednesday post tomorrow regarding “Living my life on the Edge” to read about that experience.

Sunday 11/13 – Work

Monday 11/14 – Work and the 2nd episode of the Bachelor Lordy Lordy he is really cute.  Start the below video at 0:26!

And last but not least Today Tuesday 1/15 – Day OFF YAY!!! – Went for a run up hill for about half a mile for a trip to Trader Joes, had cable installed -now I can keep up on all my shows, sports and the news- I had an on the spot interview at a restaurant (i’m looking for a move in my work life) the interview went rather well, so I treated myself to a nice dinner.

photo (3)

Hope you all had a wonderful week/weekend! What did you do?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Catch Up

  1. Zero Dark Thirty looks so good – I’ll have to make time to go see it sometime. And re: bachelor – Sean is so handsome, but some of the girls this season are borderline crazy. I’m quite excited to see how it all turns out. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling better & good luck on the job hunt. -YB


    • Oh I know! I thought exactly that – it’s almost like because they’re on TV, it somehow depersonalizes them so it’s not like your technically judging them per se. Which is a totally bad excuse. I need to work on that!


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