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Living my Life on the Edge

I have always lived my life with the mottos “No Regrets”, “You Only Live Once”, “Take Chances”, and I still do and think everyone should because mottos like this keep your life interesting and fun. However, this past weekend I had two experiences that made me think about my mottos. I had to ask myself, “Do I really believe in living my life on the edge and using these mottos to guide me through my life?” and to tell myself “Whoa girl slow it down a bit!” To say the least the weekend was eventful even when 85% of it was spent at work.

Let me fill you in on what happened:

*Saturday nights story will stay fairly brief to honor the others who were in this experience with me.

Saturday night: We had our staff holiday party (finally) at a Mexican restaurant in Sausalito. Dinner was pretty good and we all enjoyed quite the bit of drinking. Which leads me to my story, there were 5 of us carpooling together and the person who was supposed to be driving us home had a few too many drinks and come time to leave we had all agreed that I would drive. I had quit drinking a few hours back and turned to water and coffee therefore, we felt I was the best to drive. However, when getting to the car the original driver hopped in the front seat rearing to go.  When telling him and his gf I was good to drive, they both were like “no its cool ___ is good”, I’m like “no really, I should drive”, they’re again saying “no worries I’m/___ is good.” Well shit, I think and crawl in the back seat with the other two people with us.

The drive out of Sausalito is white-knuckle wrenching; the driver is weaving back and forth, and not really paying attention. His gf at this point has now realized he’s really not okay to drive and is trying to talk him through to get him to focus on the road and his driving (it wasn’t really helping). With that, it was too late we were already driving on the Golden Gate Bridge and his driving was getting worse. At one point the front tire hit the side barrier and his gf moved the wheel to the left just in time to stop us from crashing (my life literally started to flash before my eyes). After that and after gettingthrough the tollbooth safely we were able to convince the driver to pull over so I could drive.  Lets just say once I was driving the tension in the car went down by three-fold. 

– I really thought I was going to die Saturday night. This is one experience I can say I do regret. I regret not listening to my original gut feeling to call a cab (even though it was going to cost a butt load) to get myself home safely.  I am thankful though that all five of us in the car made it home safely. To say the least seeing the driver at work the next day was a little interesting (he didn’t remember much of the night). Below is a picture of the staff and the plus ones at the party!


*Sunday’s story is a little less life threatening, but was still a tad bit scary for me.  

Sunday Morning: before heading to work I ran upstairs to the roof to look and see if there were already dishes installed (as I was getting cable installed yesterday). I needed to know if Direct TV could install a dish basically. Anyways the door to the roof doesn’t look as though it locks at all from the inside there is no lock on the handle or even a dead bolt lock, so I bounced outside to take a stroll around the roof. Well guess what, the door locks from the outside! That’s right, I locked myself on the roof at 10:00 in the morning. 1. It was freezing outside, 2. I didn’t have my cell phone and 3. None of my apartment keys worked on the lock.  Therefore, I was stuck on my roof pounding on the door hoping someone would hear me and come unlock the door, I finally leaned over the edge down into the well of windows for the inside apartments and shouted “If you can hear me I am locked up on the roof, please help!” about five minutes later one of the guys in the building came and let me out. What a way to start my morning.

So to say the least I had to slow it down a bit and reflect on my weekend. Why did these things happen to me? Is it karma coming back around to me? Who really knows, all I can say is I am thankful that I lived through Saturday night and that I am not still locked on the roof. Although the view from the roof is rather nice!

photo (4)

Well here’s to Adventure Wednesday and to still being here to live my life by mottos that keep me on my toes! Please share any of your adventures from this past week, I’d love to hear them!


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