Rolling Rolling Rollen

It’s time for an Adventure Wednesday’s post and this week I am posting about something I did a couple of weeks back, FINALLY!

So a few weeks ago I went on my first real nice length bike ride since moving to San Francisco. I rode my bike from downtown to Mill Valley and pack which means I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (#80 on my List of 101 and things in 1001 days). This also helped start out my #23, which is to ride 1000 miles, the total ride was 26.4 miles.

The ride was beautiful but pretty cold. Riding across the bridge was a challenge as I had never done it before and maneuvering through tourist who can’t see you coming is a bit of work. However, I made it through with only one close call and that was with another cyclist who was coming from the opposite direction and wasn’t moving for anyone. Riding through Sausalito was so much fun, part of the ride is right along the coast and then through a small little tourist town. I wish I would have stopped for pictures in that area. The hill out of Sausalito back to the bridge not so much fun (I hate hills FYI) but I made it without stopping and walking (a huge feet for me).

I can’t wait to do the ride again and I think on every once in a while on a Thursday afternoon, I’ll actually get to ride as I get out of class at 2 and can squeeze in a late afternoon ride as the weather starts heating back up. Here are some pictures from my adventure across the Golden Gate by bike.


Sausalito from the Bridge

Proof I was on the bridge

Proof I was on the bridge

Happy Cyclist

Happy Cyclist

Full bridge along the base

Full bridge along the base

Along the base

Along the base


Happy Wednesday Everyone


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