Busy and Smitten

It’s been a busy week. Although, it is Wednesday this will not be an “Adventure Wednesday” post. I hope to be back up and running with that segment next week.

Tonight, I would just like to do a quick weekly recap and then I am off to bed.

The last couple weeks have been busy as my winter break brought itself to a close. So here is a brief day by day recap; and as you will see a couple exciting things did happen to make my last week of freedom enjoyable.

Monday 1/21 – Work (nothing important)…

Tuesday 1/22 – My last official day of freedom. I spent the day running errands and getting caught up on household chores. Nothing to exciting. Lowe did come over for dinner and gossip though, so that was a fun.

Wednesday 1/23 – Work and SKIRTS. I think I mentioned in a few emails back about this SKIRTS event that my new friend Pat Bailey of love.lust.butterflies puts on once a month. It’s a mid month mixer type get together for her girlfriends. We all wear skirts and sip cocktails while snaking and catching up on life. It has been a really great way to network as well as someone new shows up every month. Here’s a fun photo booth picture (from and Iphone app) that we took at the end of the night.


I also started chatting with this really nice guy, I met him online (blog post regarding that to come) as well as I stayed at my friend/co-workers place as we had work training for the next couple of days in Marin and she lives out in that area and drives (no need for a car in SF).

Thursday 1/24 – Work training from 8:30 am till 5:00pm and then a work training participants get together type thingy (which was kind of boring).  I ended the night at my friends house were we shared a bottle of wine and I continued chatting with Mr. (as we shall call him for now) we set our first date for Saturday through the mix of all are chatting, awe I was so excited! Our chemistry via text was pretty amazing for never having met.

Friday 1/25 – Another long day of work training. Once work training was over I went straight home to a couple glasses of wine, a bath and True Blood.  The majority of this night was also spent chatting with Mr.  (Still hadn’t met him and was already completely smitten with him)

Saturday 1/26 – A very long day at work, that drug on and on. My insides were turning inside out as I was so nervous about my date that evening with Mr.

I convinced the guys to let me off about an hour early so I could go shopping for a new outfit because I wanted to look my best. Here is what I wore for our first date/blind date (courtesy of H&M).


The date was amazing. We met at a bar in Nob Hill around 7:15 and before we knew it, it was 11:30. We found ourselves just lost in conversation the chemistry/connection was amazing between us. Blog post to follow on this with a bit more detail!

Sunday 1/27 – Another day at work

Monday 1/28 – Another dragging day at work and my second date with Mr.  We did dinner and a movie at his place. So so so smitten.. I can’t wait to tell y’all more about him, but for now  just these little teasers.

Tuesday 1/29 – My first day of school. It was a long one but at least all of my classes seem to be pretty interesting.

So there you have it, my week in review. I’m sorry this is a half fast post tonight (you know this is normally not me) but I just finished up my homework and am so ready to crawl into bed. I just really wanted to get a post up, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t get one up at all this week.

I will do my best to try and get a post up this weekend (maybe I’ll let you all in on the online metting of Mr. thing). But if I don’t get back to you all before next week, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you are all supporting me on Sunday in cheering on the 49ers as they embark on their final leg of the Quest for six!

GO Niners!

– C


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