In Need of Advice… Life Decision

ImageI’m turning to you my loyal readers. I’m in a rock and a hard place and I need some advice. 

The issue at hand: 

I’m really not happy in my current job situation. I have been weighing a few options to change the situation but need some advice. 

Option #1 – Continue to work at my current job 


The experience is great 

The money

Cons: (I am sure this list could go on but I don’t want to sound to negative about it)

I am overworked and have been asked to do much more than I was originally hired for and  am not compensated for it (even after asking for a raise).  Part of the being overworked part of this is I feel I am being taken advantage of because I have a lot of experience and skills to offer and I feel like that is being abused. 

My education is suffering  – lack of time to focus on school, being asked to miss school for work related things, not being able to adjust my schedule to focus more on school

My health is suffering – my Crohn’s flare ups are more frequent (due to stress, overworking myself, etc.) as well as I am getting sick a lot more often (colds, flu, etc.) 

I work 5 days a week which includes both weekend days (only days off are the days I attend school) 

There is no way I will ever be able to get/work an internship (which is a must in my field of study)

Option #2: Quit my job and focus on my education and myself!

 Within this option there are two underlying options to go along with it 

A: Quit and live off of my student loans and money currently saved up


Time to focus solely on my education and myself 

Time to find an internship (which is a must in my field of study)


Money will be supper tight (will have to cut back on a lot of things) 

Will most likely have to take out another loan before my next school financial aid disbursement (however, an alternative to this is I will have time to focus on applying for scholarships FREE money)

B: Quit and live off mu student loans and currently saved money but find a part-time job


Having a part-time job will keep me from going bored (I can’t handle too much free time) – Also within this part-time job option it could just be my own side work of event planning, social media help or home and office organizational offerings – 3 things I do really well and really enjoy/miss doing and are all can be great work experience for what I want to do while attending law school!

Will have much more time to dedicate to school 

Will have time to dedicate to finding/working at an internship 

Most likely would not need to take out another student loan


Money will be supper tight (will have to cut back on a lot of things) 


Let me make two disclaimers: 1. School is my highest priority, because it outlines my future (this includes and internship)!  2. With the amount of time I spend at work or focusing on school I currently do not have the time to look for a job or go to interviews (going to an interview means calling in sick or missing a class)

Okay so I’ve laid it for you, just as I have laid it out for myself. What are your thoughts/advice? What would you do in my situation? 

Thank you ahead of time – Your input means the world to me! 


– C



LE TOTE – Your closet. Expanded!

So I can’t even begin to explain my excitement that I just received my invitation to LE TOTE.


If you don’t know what LE TOTE is you are missing out! Basically for $49.00 a month you can get a box delivered to your door with a few clothing items and accessories to wear and then send back when you are finished with them.

I was turned on to this company by my friend Pat over at Love.Lust.Butterflies she has been using LE TOTE now for a couple of months and some of the outfits she has put together are perfect.

I just can’t wait! If you’re interested check out their website.  I think the reason I am so darn excited about this is because now that I don’t live with a roommate I don’t have someone closet to purge through when everything in my closet just isn’t doing it for me.


– C

101 in 1001, Adventure Wednesday's

A day late but back in action!

I had all intentions of posting yesterday, actually all intentions of getting a ton of things done yesterday but my day took a turn for the worse when I woke up, and nothing went as planned. But, I am back in action and recovered from yesterday’s events.

So with that said I will post my Adventure Wednesday’s post today and guess what???  It’s another 101 item checked of my list that I will be posting about!  Aww I’m killing my list!

#57 Go to a Concert on my 101 things to do in 1001 days, is my adventure to share this week!


On February 14th the good old Valentine’s Day aka #singlesawarnessday #halmarkholiday some of the girls and I planned a girls night and bought tickets to Swedish House Mafia, best $100 I have spent in a long long time.

Swedish House Mafia (SHM) is a Swedish electronic dance music trio consisting of three house disc jockeys and producers, Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso, and I am in love with all three of  them and well of course their music as well.

Here is a sample of their music from YouTube:

To say the least this was by far the best experience I have had in San Francisco. PERIOD!

And by FAR the BEST concert I have EVER been to. I have been to only 1 or 2 concerts before but never something like this. It was most defiantly a “Rave” but to just see everyone so happy and into the music was enough to make it an amazing night.

The girls and I danced are butts off and were all drenched in sweat once the concert was over. It was the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had by far. It beat any Valentines day with a boyfriend and getting gifts. It was the best gift I could have possibly given myself.

Unfortunately this was SHM last tour (or so they say it is). To be honest its has been a week and I still haven’t come down off my SHM high! I listen to their music and relive the experience in my head daily.  It was so hard for me to not splurge and by another ticket to attend a second time while they were in town this past weekend.

Here is a gallery of all the pictures I took…. I was surprised with how many I got because I was so scared to have my phone out as we were so smashed together I figured I would drop it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some videos:

Can’t thank my girls enough for an amazing night! If Swedish House Mafia is coming your way on their last tour please do yourself a favor and buy a ticket and go. You wont be sorry!

Here’s to another Adventure Wednesday (Thursday)!  And oh hey wait…. I can check #57 off my list!



Week in Review

Hey Everyone –

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend, which for some of you is a lovely three-day weekend! Luckies!!!

Here is a quick picture recap of my week.

Thank you for stopping by! Chat at you on Wednesday!




101 in 1001

#24 – Go on a Date

I feel like I am nailing out my 101 things in 1001 days. I haven’t finished very many things yet but I have started making progress on quite a few of them. Today I want to share one that I have completed and that would be #24 – Go on a Date.

2 weeks ago from today I went on a somewhat blind date. I call it a somewhat blind date because we met online which means I had seen pictures of him, carried on an online conversation with him and was able to read through his profile. So the only really blind part of it was that fact that we had never met in person before.

Anyways onto the date recap:

I was a nervous wreck since making the plans for the date (we made scheduled the date on the thursday night prior). Friday and Saturday my stomach was full of butterflies and my nervousness kept growing as he continued to text me over the course of the two days. Our chemistry via online chatting and texting was great, which is what I think is what caused my to be so nervous. I was even so nervous that I went out and bought a whole new outfit an hour before our date.

Here is what I wore on our date:

First date with Joshua

Thank you H&M for coming to the rescue.

We went to a bar in Nob Hill basically right smack in between both of our places, called Zeki’s.  I got there a few minutes early so I could have a drink and relax before he got there, I was actually so relaxed once we were together in person.  He is so handsome, just like his online pictures. We met up around 7:30 and next thing we knew it was 11:30.  The conversation just kept flowing and he made me laugh all night long, I swear the conversation really never stopped. It was so amazing.

So I did it I completed #24 and guess what it was way worth it.

Update: We are still hanging out! If I am supper lucky and he can pull himself away from his work he will even be my date tonight to an event I am attending. : )


LMLAIKI turns 1 Today!

blog birthday

Yay! Happy Birthday LMLAIKI!

This past year was a rough one for LMLAIKI but I think I have finally figured out what I am wanting to get out of this blog. I couldn’t have done it without those of you following my blog so, THANK YOU to ALL of you!

This years goals for LMLAIKI are: 

* Posts on 101 and 1001 things

* 2-3 Posts a week

*Grow to 50 followers

*Obtain a sponsor

*Have a guest blogger

*Be a guest blogger

Thank you all again for the continued support. I know this year will be a wonderful year for LMLAIKI!