101 in 1001

#24 – Go on a Date

I feel like I am nailing out my 101 things in 1001 days. I haven’t finished very many things yet but I have started making progress on quite a few of them. Today I want to share one that I have completed and that would be #24 – Go on a Date.

2 weeks ago from today I went on a somewhat blind date. I call it a somewhat blind date because we met online which means I had seen pictures of him, carried on an online conversation with him and was able to read through his profile. So the only really blind part of it was that fact that we had never met in person before.

Anyways onto the date recap:

I was a nervous wreck since making the plans for the date (we made scheduled the date on the thursday night prior). Friday and Saturday my stomach was full of butterflies and my nervousness kept growing as he continued to text me over the course of the two days. Our chemistry via online chatting and texting was great, which is what I think is what caused my to be so nervous. I was even so nervous that I went out and bought a whole new outfit an hour before our date.

Here is what I wore on our date:

First date with Joshua

Thank you H&M for coming to the rescue.

We went to a bar in Nob Hill basically right smack in between both of our places, called Zeki’s.  I got there a few minutes early so I could have a drink and relax before he got there, I was actually so relaxed once we were together in person.  He is so handsome, just like his online pictures. We met up around 7:30 and next thing we knew it was 11:30.  The conversation just kept flowing and he made me laugh all night long, I swear the conversation really never stopped. It was so amazing.

So I did it I completed #24 and guess what it was way worth it.

Update: We are still hanging out! If I am supper lucky and he can pull himself away from his work he will even be my date tonight to an event I am attending. : )


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