In Need of Advice… Life Decision

ImageI’m turning to you my loyal readers. I’m in a rock and a hard place and I need some advice. 

The issue at hand: 

I’m really not happy in my current job situation. I have been weighing a few options to change the situation but need some advice. 

Option #1 – Continue to work at my current job 


The experience is great 

The money

Cons: (I am sure this list could go on but I don’t want to sound to negative about it)

I am overworked and have been asked to do much more than I was originally hired for and  am not compensated for it (even after asking for a raise).  Part of the being overworked part of this is I feel I am being taken advantage of because I have a lot of experience and skills to offer and I feel like that is being abused. 

My education is suffering  – lack of time to focus on school, being asked to miss school for work related things, not being able to adjust my schedule to focus more on school

My health is suffering – my Crohn’s flare ups are more frequent (due to stress, overworking myself, etc.) as well as I am getting sick a lot more often (colds, flu, etc.) 

I work 5 days a week which includes both weekend days (only days off are the days I attend school) 

There is no way I will ever be able to get/work an internship (which is a must in my field of study)

Option #2: Quit my job and focus on my education and myself!

 Within this option there are two underlying options to go along with it 

A: Quit and live off of my student loans and money currently saved up


Time to focus solely on my education and myself 

Time to find an internship (which is a must in my field of study)


Money will be supper tight (will have to cut back on a lot of things) 

Will most likely have to take out another loan before my next school financial aid disbursement (however, an alternative to this is I will have time to focus on applying for scholarships FREE money)

B: Quit and live off mu student loans and currently saved money but find a part-time job


Having a part-time job will keep me from going bored (I can’t handle too much free time) – Also within this part-time job option it could just be my own side work of event planning, social media help or home and office organizational offerings – 3 things I do really well and really enjoy/miss doing and are all can be great work experience for what I want to do while attending law school!

Will have much more time to dedicate to school 

Will have time to dedicate to finding/working at an internship 

Most likely would not need to take out another student loan


Money will be supper tight (will have to cut back on a lot of things) 


Let me make two disclaimers: 1. School is my highest priority, because it outlines my future (this includes and internship)!  2. With the amount of time I spend at work or focusing on school I currently do not have the time to look for a job or go to interviews (going to an interview means calling in sick or missing a class)

Okay so I’ve laid it for you, just as I have laid it out for myself. What are your thoughts/advice? What would you do in my situation? 

Thank you ahead of time – Your input means the world to me! 


– C



10 thoughts on “In Need of Advice… Life Decision

  1. Ed Annon says:

    Hi : Babe ,you can’t count on others to make your decision for you . You should make it yourself your future is what you make of it. It, going to be tough but, you set your mind to it you can do it. Your job is like a lot the more you do the more they expect from you. Hope you make the right one good luck and God BlessYou. Love Grandpa And Grandma


    • Thanks Grandma and Grandpa. I know I have to make the decision myself but input from others helps me weigh my pros and cons in making a decision that will be the best overall for me. Thank you for the kind words! Love and miss you both!


  2. The cliche advice would be to follow your heart – there is one decision that you’re strongly leaning towards and one that you can’t seem to stop coming up with negatives against. You just can’t help it. In my opinion, from what you wrote in this post, you’re leaning towards the second option of quitting your job and maybe seeking out part-time employment and/or an internship. So, I say do it! You’ll have the rest of your life to be over-worked in a job you may not love, but you’re only in school for a few years. I’ve been in similar situations and I wish I had the guts to go with option 2, instead, I’ve often stuck with option 1 and at times it’s really made me unhappy, made my work, studies and health suffer. 😦 Plus you sound so passionate and excited about seeking out an internship or freelance work in your area of study so I say do it – it may even open up an opportunity to a job with flexible hours and doing work you adore. Good luck. And let me know what you decide – I’m praying for you. 🙂


  3. Kayla says:

    Cuzzy, make time for an internship. I worked full time and went to school full time when I should have done an internship. Now I’m a graduate who can’t get into my field of study because I didn’t intern while I was a student. I mean, I can, but I have to work THAT much harder at proving myself to employers who are taking people my age who already did an internship. Anyway, I love you and know you will make the best decision for yourself 🙂


  4. Cole Johnson says:

    So here’s what I think about this whole situation. With option #1, you have listed that one of the pros is experience. When you talk about the cons, i’m lead to believe that you are one of the most experienced people there and that they are taking advantage of that. Now I know that i’m not fully aware of your job title or duties but, I think that you have plenty of experience in the bike industry and don’t need much more(again, I may be misinterpreting what kind of different experiences your current job offers). With that said, I don’t think that the experience should be a pro. That just leaves money in the pro column. Before I go into this i’ll let you know what my money situation is like.

    Keeping in mind the vast difference of cost-of-living between Colorado and California, my current situation is renting a house with two other guys along with a part-time job (usually 17-20 hours a week) and school. I use my student loans to pay my rent (Aprox. $370 a month) and my job pays for utilities, food, and gas (I make on average about $175 a week). Money is tight and it limits how often you can go out to eat and go do fun things. With that said though, not having much money is no excuse to not be able to go out. I don’t know about San Francisco, but Grand Junction offers many things to do that are free so you can still get out and socialize with friends while having a good time.

    Now you said that school is your highest priority (as it should be) but your job is taking away valuable time from your studies. Not only that, your job is negatively affecting your health and happiness. I believe that a person should not work a job that doesn’t make them happy. Life’s too short to waste time working a job that you dislike. In my opinion, if a job is taking a toll on your health (especially at your young age) it’s not a job you want to keep.

    So to wrap this up, if I was in your situation, I would quit the job to focus on school and live off of loan money. I would only look for a part-time job if you end up having too much free time. The major downside to this though is that you go further into debt. But that’s a consequence that I personally would accept if it meant that I could live happier and healthier.

    I hope this helps a little but like our grandparents said, This is a decision that ultimately is up to you to make based off of your own ideals and beliefs and only you have to live with the consequences, not anybody else. Do what makes you happy.


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