Happy Easter


It’s Easter Sunday and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

This morning when I woke up I laid in bed and thought about Easter growing up as a kid.

It’s holidays like this that make me miss home and having family around.

Growing up Easter was a time for family getting together.

My Sister and I would wake up in the morning to new Easter dresses and a fun Easter Basket hunt in the house. We would then get ready and head off with our parents to Church. We would participate in the Church Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday School.

Our afternoon would be filled with a family BBQ and all of us kids would do a huge Easter Egg hunt that our grandparents would set up for us.

To say the least Easter is a time filled with the love of my family and being away from all of them today makes me really miss home.

Today,  also makes me reflect on my religion/faith. I was raised a Christian and went to Sunday School, Church and Youth Group weekly but as I grew up I started to grow out of my beliefs and to this day I still struggle with my beliefs. So Today I plan to read some scripture and reflect on my faith. I know it is still there its just lacking strength and that is something I am working on regaining.

How did you celebrate Easter growing up? What does Easter mean for you today?

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter Sunday!

– C



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