Cleanse, Detox, Diet

Its seems like recently everyone is on some sort of diet, cleanse or detox.

I myself am not normally someone who does these types of things. However, with a bunch of friends raving about the Master Cleanse and my health, the good Ol’ Crohn’s, I thought I would give it a try.

I even enlisted the Mr. to be my moral support and do it with me. We both have been talking about just getting ourselves back on a healthy life style track, changing our diet and just getting back into a better mind thought process. This cleanse seemed to be a great option to kick-start that.

We both figured as soon as we finished the cleanse, eating healthy would be easy because healthy foods would taste so good and with out the cravings for fatty foods we would be able to continue a healthy diet easily without them. I knew I’d then be able to start a diet that would help alleviate some of my Crohn’s symptoms. So we picked a start date and that was that!

If you don’t know what the Master Cleanse is : It’s a 10 day liquid diet with a drink that is basically lemonade.


Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
Maple Syrup
Cayenne Pepper

master cleanse

Sounds Yummy Right? Well actually it really in’t bad at all. Tastes like a slightly spicy lemonade.

Mr. and I knew we wouldn’t be able to jump straight into the liquid diet only so we choose to do the ease in. This is an option where you can eat fruit and veggies for the first three days of the cleanse (if needed).  So with our plan set in motion last Sunday evening I headed to Trader Joe’s and stocked us up on our needed supplies for a few days.

On Monday morning we woke up and made our first spicy lemonade blend and each had a banana. As the day went on we both continued to drink our lemonade and here an there would be found snacking on bell pepper slices, strawberries or carrots.  Towards the end of the day we were both losing our energy levels and already craving every other food option out there.  How tempting it was to just give up then and go have our favorite meal of Fish and Chips.

Don’t worry we didn’t do it. We continued our liquid diet through the evening. Tuesday morning I woke up pretty shaky, really noticing the effect the cleanse was already having on my body. A lemonade drink and banana later I was feeling a bit better. I prepped my days worth of lemonade grabbed a few fruit and veggie snacks to get me through my 10 hour day at school and headed out the door.

Around 10 am it hit me. My body was not a happy camper. I suddenly had no energy, a very unhappy stomach and a pounding headache. Things were not looking good for me. Mr. on the other hand was just waking up at this point and other than feeling like he just didn’t have any energy he was doing fine.

My cravings for some sort of actual substance was growing by the second. I spent most of my next to class period falling asleep (not good when trying to learn) and also talking myself out of rushing down to the cafe to grab a huge sandwich  Mr. tried to motivate me via text throughout the morning, which helped keep me as focused as I could be on the fact that I was doing this cleanse for a reason.

Come my 3pm afternoon class, my body was shutting down. I went home early from school and unfortunately spent the rest of the day being best friends with my toilet. I was praying to the toilet gods and man it sucked. Even though throwing up was a side effect of doing a detox, I was done.  There was no way I was going to put my body through anymore of what I was already going through.

Mr. was even beginning to not be able to focus on work at all and having stomach pains.  I knew he would have been about to pull through and handle the cleanse but he really wanted to be able to focus on work.

So that was the end of the great Master Cleanse for the both of us.  We are both still looking for something to help us basically reset.

I wish anyone trying to do a cleanse like the Master Cleanse luck. I don’t think there is any way I could have finished the cleanse but hopefully I will be able to find something that will end up working for me. Any ideas?

Have you tried the Master Cleanse? Have you done a detox, or cleanse that worked for you? What have your results of a detox or cleanses been?

– C


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