Exciting Changes


A little over a month ago I made a huge life change. I quit my job and joined the unemployed. I made this life decision in hopes to become a happier, healthier person as well as to be able to gain experience in areas that benefited what I want to do with my life once school is over.  

Well now its been a month and I am happy to say things so far are on the up and up. 

School is still school and I am doing everything I can to get caught up but that seems to never be something that will happen. 

Work is a whole other story. I have decided to try and start my own thing as a Social Media Consultant. And so far so good, I have landed myself two clients and things are looking like they could really take off. 

I want to say I’ve also become happier and healthier.  My stress level has gone way down helping me in both of those aspects. I have started eating differently now that I have the time to not rush when it comes to school as well as I have joined the gym again! 

Anything exciting happening for any of my loves? 



4 thoughts on “Exciting Changes

  1. Ah!!!! I am soooo happy for you!! Yay!!! 🙂
    How did you find your first two clients? I’m thinking about venturing into social media consulting over the summer as something to do while I’m in law school… Your advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


    • Thank you! I wrote up a Craigslist ad about what you should be doing daily on social media sites and formed it in questions.

      Then waited for responses. Picked up both clients that way. As well as I’ve trying to network everywhere!


      • That’s so creative! I may have to try that too. You should def think about doing a post about this and the lessons you’re learning with starting ur consulting – I’m sure there are a lot of people (including me!) who would be interested! 🙂 good luck!


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