Summer Break is upon me

After what has seemed to be the longest semester ever, I have finally completed my Spring semester at San Francisco State University. Do you know what that means?

No? well let me tell you, it means that next year will be my Senior year, and I (as long as everything goes as planned) will be graduating this time next year with my Bachelors in Communication. After what will be 6 years of undergrad studying, I can not wait to graduate!

Now with that said, summer break is here and I am so ready to jump back on the blogging bandwagon.


I know it has been hit or miss with me these last few months, and I feel horrible about it. Not only because I am not providing anything for ya’ll to read but mainly because I’ve not been able to work on my goal of building my blog. So as I slam my fist on the desk, I mean it when I say I am back and ready to write, entertain and grow.

With that said there will be two posts today. This one as well as a day late Adventure Wednesday. Here’s to summer, my blog, ya’ll and just having a darn good time.

– C



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