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Choosing Happiness…

In Charge Quote

Today I choose this quote because I realize there are a lot of things I have been questioning in my life and a lot of the time my go to question is am I going to be happy with this decision.  So when I stumbled upon this quote this morning, I felt it was a perfect fit for todays inspiration.

I think right now where I am fighting the most at making decisions of happiness is within the relationship I am involved in.  The relationship I am currently involved in is an interesting one. We have been hanging out for about 6 months now and doing relationship involved things since. We at one point decided we were dating and then a couple of month later he decided it was best for him to not be in a relationship and that our time spent together would basically just be as friends, every once in a while, when we had time. However, since that time things haven’t really changed from the “relationship status” time. We still do everything boyfriends and girlfriends do, we hang out all the time, we text daily, etc  I guess we just don’t have the title.

Anyways, the questions that come up for me are; Is this healthy? Are we boyfriend/girlfriend? Do I want to be boyfriend/girlfriend? Do I talk to him about my feelings? If I talk to him about what I am feel will it end what we have?

All of these questions have one other question that goes with each of them, am I happy and or will I be happy with the outcome or answer? At this point my answer to that is always I don’t know. But at this current time what we have going makes me happy, the time we spend together makes me happy and he makes me happy.

So today I continue to choose to be happy in the moment. However, in the near future I need to take the step to figure out what is really going on between us whether it is going to make me happy or even sad, I need to be happy in the fact that I know what this is.

Do you have any advice? Do you have anything that you’re struggling to find happiness in? What makes you happy? I want to hear from you, please comment on my post, I love to connect with my readers.

Happy Monday –

– CT 



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