What is my true purpose?


Lately every time I read Yelena’s blog, I am filled with a rush of thoughts and ideas on things to write about on my own blog.  Basically she sets me up to always be able to piggy back off of her most recent posts.  Thanks Girl  🙂

So any who, this week Yelena wrote a post on “What if money was no object?”You’ll have to jump over and read it (it’s totally worth the stray from my site) and it will back up my post completely (but don’t forget to come back over here).

IF money was no object, what would I do? 

  – Go to Law School (Money or not I’m already going to go)

  – Buy every pair of shoes or every handbag I fall in love with  (this girl loves shoes and purses)

  – Sponsor a Make a Wish child monthly

  – Buy a house in San Francisco

  – Attend fancy events

 – Travel the world

 – etc, etc, etc,

When asked this question I do what everyone does, I write a list of things that money could buy.  A list of things that if I had the option to not worry about what the price tag was, I wouldn’t hesitate to do them.  It’s a question that each and every one of asks our selves and even ask others.

We live in a society where it seems that money is everything.  But is money really everything? I know most times money is what brings you happiness, but the path to a life of that statue (money being no object) isn’t always one that makes people happy.  It often seems to be a path that makes people resent themselves and those around them.  A path that shelters people from the finer things in life.  The finer things like nature, and love.  The very things that help shape us into the people we are, the people we are meant to be.

In Yelena’s post, she proposes another question.

“Who would I be if I stripped away society’s expectations for my life. Most importantly, though, who would I be if I shed all my insecurities, fears and banished the image of who I think I should be – physically, spiritually, emotionally.”

and then with that she lays out an exercise by Steve Pavlina, asking for you to take  a piece paper or open your computer and write down what comes to mind when you ask yourself “What is my purpose in Life?” and to keep writing down what you think your purpose in life is until it makes you cry (or feel some sort of overwhelming emotion).

The goal in this exercise is to really get down to the core of who you want to be, what you want to do in life. With no expectations from society, letting go and shedding all your insecurities, fears and images of who others think you should be.

So this afternoon, I sat down and I did this exercise.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted my purpose in life to be.

What is my true purpose in life?

– to be a bomb-ass lawyer 

– to be the best I can be at everything I do 

– to educate myself to no end 

– to be a role model 

– to change someone perspective 

– to make a difference in society 

– to change someones life  

When I sit down, clear my mind, and truly think about it, I want to be a person who changes someones life.  I want to make such an impact on someone’s life that they view the world differently.   And now the question comes to my mind how do I want to change someones life, what is it that will make such an impact? This list gives me lots to think about, and many ideas for posts to come.  Until next time:

What would you do if money were no object?


What is your true purpose? 


– Christy 

Thank you Yelena! You are an amazing girl with amazing insights. You’ll have to stop writing on such good topics so I can stop piggy backing off of them! 


Chugging along

The last few weeks I haven’t posted an Adventure Wednesday, because well I haven’t really had any adventures to share. Life’s not dull by any means, it’s just been pretty busy.

As I have shared on the blog before, I am starting the adventure of getting myself into Law School and what that means for me right now is lots of LSAT studying. I can’t even begin to describe how much my brain, but that’s what I’ve been up to for the most part.

If I don’t have my head in a book studying for my LSAT which is officially scheduled for October 5th at 8am, I’m working at The Hard Rock Cafe on Pier 39 or on one of my clients work from Tamm Consulting. Oh wait there’s a little bit of fun in there every once in a while too.

Here’s a few pictures from the past couple weeks:


Bowling at Mission Bowl for a friends 26th Birthday


Birthday girl Jackie (left), Bri (middle) and yours truly (right)


Cotton Candy! Yay! Yours Truly (L), Ruth the Irish (R)


Six flags trip with my Irish side kick from work

See there’s been a bit of fun along the way. Before I leave you though I’d like to share this TedTalk by Cameron Russell on Looks aren’t everything.

I came across this on Yelenea’s blog and fell in love with it right away. I think every girl growing up should hear this. I know when I was growing up all I wanted to be was a model and know when I look at my life, I’m happy  I didn’t work harder at trying to become one when I had the chance. It would have been a path that wasn’t meant for me. I’m meant for bigger and better things and they way I look should never be an issue.

Never think you’re not beautiful because every one is beautiful in their own way.


Loves – CT 


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Monday Inspiration: Walk away or Try Harder

Walk away or Try Harder

I think this says it all and needs no commentary. For me this is something I think about when it comes to everything I do, relationships, education, work, my life (PERIOD). You (each and every one of us) has the option to walk away or try harder. Sometimes it is a hard decision to make but often times it’s the best decision we will ever make.

Are you struggling with something in your life that you can’t decided whether to walk away or try harder?


101 in 1001, Life

Monday Inspiration: Forget and Remember


I ran across this quote/ saying a couple of weeks ago and meant to post it that week for my Monday Inspiration posts but I never go around too it. But I really wanted to make sure I got it posted because  its something I have been starting to do daily, as well as it also kind of sums up on of my 101 in 1001’s.

J told me about this new journal idea he was given by a friend and told me I should try it out. What you do is every day before you go to bed you write in a journal 3 Daily pluses and 3 things you are looking forward to tomorrow.  Basically the goal is to be able to realize what made your day a good day and what you have to look forward to when you wake up in the morning.

So a few months ago I started this journal process. At first it was really hard for me to catch on to doing it every day and I would struggle when I couldn’t think of 3 things that either were pluses in my day or that I was looking forward to for the next day. I finally found a system that worked for me.

I don’t just write down 3 daily pluses, I write down anything that was a plus in that day and when it comes to what I am looking forward to for the next day, I write down the first things that pop in to my mind but if I can’t come up with 3 I put something in like going on a walk or reading from a certain book. This way I am giving myself a goal to do something that I would enjoy.

I’m happy to announce that last month I did my Daily Pluses Journal everyday for the entire month which is part of  one of my 101 things in 1001 days items to accomplish # 64 Keep a Line a Day Journal for 3 Months.  So I still have 2 months to go and I’m continuing to work towards this accomplishment. Even though it is little more than a Line a Day, it works for me.


Do you write in a journal? Do you write daily or off an on? Is your blog your journal or do you have another way of journaling?

SO, now why does this have to do anything with the quote pictured above or Monday Inspiration? Well Its pretty self explanatory “Forget the Day’s troubles, Remember the days blessing.” By writing down my daily pluses I am choosing to remember the days blessings before I got to bed, ignoring any of the troubles I had in the day.

My challenge for you is to find a way for yourself to do the same. Forget the troubles you had today and remember what made your day worth it.

– CT 


101 in 1001, Life

101 in 1001: Picture update

I am slowly but surely checking items off my 101 in 1001 days list. Today I wanted to share an update of my accomplishments and I thought I’d do it through photos.

# 3  Apply for a passport – filled out the paper work – just need to schedule and appointment and file

2013-05-22 12.05.05

#8 Take the LSAT  – First test is on October 5th, 2013 

2013-06-25 13.19.44

#23 Ride 1000 miles 43.45/1000 – see my logged miles on my 101 in 1001 page – check out this post about one of my rides!

photo 22013-02-03 09.58.54

#24 – Go on a Date 

First date with Joshua

# 28 Travel alone somewhere at least over night  went to Disney Land – 

2013-03-28 11.16.47

# 40 – Have someone redesign my blog  I redesigned it myself

2013-05-23 11.46.39

#45 – Make 10 recipes from pinterest – 2/10 – Pasta tacos, pesto chicken and tomato noodles, 

2012-07-12 19.18.37

# 57 Go to a concert – Swedish House Mafia 2/14/13, Tim McGraw 6/9/13

2013-06-09 21.13.26 2013-06-09 19.20.47-2 IMG_1078

#64 Keep a line a day  for 3 months  ended up being more than a line a day see this Monday inspiration post  


# 70 Attend a festival Carnival with Eva, SF Pride with J, 

2013-05-25 16.37.442013-06-30 14.02.17

#80 Ride my bicycle across the golden gate bridge 

2013-01-03 12.21.29

#96 Keep flowers in my apartment for a month straight or longer – now working on keeping them continually 

2013-01-17 09.00.21 2013-01-28 18.19.442013-04-29 19.38.17

#97 – Go to a big San Francisco Event SF Pride Week

2013-06-30 14.02.17

I am so proud of myself and looking back on what I have done so far makes me want to keep working at what I have on the list. 13/101 in 5 months seems like I am heading at a pretty good rate. Most of my items are things that happen over time or things I can do at the same time which makes the list a little bit easier.

Have you ever done anything like this?  Are you doing a 101 in 1001 day? If so please share your lists and or accomplishments in a comment.

I’ll continue to keep checking things off my list and updating y’all as I can!

– CT 

Adventure Wednesday's, Life

Adventure Wednesday’s: SF Pride

Living in San Francisco I have come to find that you really must have an open mind to everyone. I myself have never had any issue with any one who chooses to be with someone of the same-sex.

Growing up, my family sheltered us from the knowledge of homosexuals. However, I always knew even though it was supposed to be a secret that my aunt was a Lesbian . I never had any issue with it and when my family finally told me, I made sure they all knew I already knew and that I completely supported her.

Know living in San Francisco I find it pretty obvious that everyone needs to carry an open mind when it comes to homosexuality. And what I love the most is that everyone really does. Two weeks ago it was Pride Week here in San Francisco and it was such an amazing experience to see the city come together in support of everyone.

Pride Week meant so much more to homosexual individuals and their supports as DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) had been deemed unconstitutional by the United States Supreme.  DOMA originally denied all benefits and recognition to same-sex marriages. On June 26th DOMA was ruled unconstitutional making all marriages including same-sex marriages recognizable and worthy of the same benefits. So I am sure you can see the excitement that was rolling through the gay community of San Francisco, and what better timing could there have been then 4 days before San Francisco’s Pride Weekend to commence for this news to come out. Answer is NONE!

I was lucky enough to snag Sunday off from work which was the biggest celebration day of SF Pride. There was a huge festival 4 blocks from my apartment as well as a 4 hour-long parade. So, since I had the day off I dragged J out of bed early in the morning to head down to the parade route.

We couldn’t have gotten out of bed early enough to have been able to get a spot to watch the parade. Unfortunately, we were unable to enjoy the parade but we did try to find a place to stand for a little while before giving up due to the heat and our growling tummies.

Heres a picture of the crowds of people lined up along Market Street awaiting the parade and the only part of the parade we were able to see the Balloon people.


Instead of standing and watching the 4 hour-long parade and standing in the overwhelming large crowd of people we decided to head to the festival and grab food and do some people watching.

Which was such a great idea. We grabbed some great finger foods and a beer each and found a place to sit. You wouldn’t believe some of the outfits we saw on people. Here are a few pictures. *please note some of these pictures can be offensive to some, I have only posted what I found to be most appropriate for the internet to get across what we saw*


Overall we had an amazing time and got to experience such an amazing festival and celebration in San Francisco. Not to mention I am now able to mark off #97 on my 101 thing s in 1001 days list.

Have you ever been to San Francisco Pride Week or another Pride Week in the country?

Here are couple more pictures I took that show the support San Francisco showed through the week!


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Home Sick


Sorry my Monday inspiration didn’t go out yesterday. After a long day at work I had all intentions of coming home and posting but I started to not feel very good on my way home from work.

And today I can report I am home sick and in bed… Booooooo!!!!!

Anyways hopefully if I start feeling better i can get back to blogging.

Miss you all