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Adventure Wednesday’s: SF Pride

Living in San Francisco I have come to find that you really must have an open mind to everyone. I myself have never had any issue with any one who chooses to be with someone of the same-sex.

Growing up, my family sheltered us from the knowledge of homosexuals. However, I always knew even though it was supposed to be a secret that my aunt was a Lesbian . I never had any issue with it and when my family finally told me, I made sure they all knew I already knew and that I completely supported her.

Know living in San Francisco I find it pretty obvious that everyone needs to carry an open mind when it comes to homosexuality. And what I love the most is that everyone really does. Two weeks ago it was Pride Week here in San Francisco and it was such an amazing experience to see the city come together in support of everyone.

Pride Week meant so much more to homosexual individuals and their supports as DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) had been deemed unconstitutional by the United States Supreme.  DOMA originally denied all benefits and recognition to same-sex marriages. On June 26th DOMA was ruled unconstitutional making all marriages including same-sex marriages recognizable and worthy of the same benefits. So I am sure you can see the excitement that was rolling through the gay community of San Francisco, and what better timing could there have been then 4 days before San Francisco’s Pride Weekend to commence for this news to come out. Answer is NONE!

I was lucky enough to snag Sunday off from work which was the biggest celebration day of SF Pride. There was a huge festival 4 blocks from my apartment as well as a 4 hour-long parade. So, since I had the day off I dragged J out of bed early in the morning to head down to the parade route.

We couldn’t have gotten out of bed early enough to have been able to get a spot to watch the parade. Unfortunately, we were unable to enjoy the parade but we did try to find a place to stand for a little while before giving up due to the heat and our growling tummies.

Heres a picture of the crowds of people lined up along Market Street awaiting the parade and the only part of the parade we were able to see the Balloon people.


Instead of standing and watching the 4 hour-long parade and standing in the overwhelming large crowd of people we decided to head to the festival and grab food and do some people watching.

Which was such a great idea. We grabbed some great finger foods and a beer each and found a place to sit. You wouldn’t believe some of the outfits we saw on people. Here are a few pictures. *please note some of these pictures can be offensive to some, I have only posted what I found to be most appropriate for the internet to get across what we saw*


Overall we had an amazing time and got to experience such an amazing festival and celebration in San Francisco. Not to mention I am now able to mark off #97 on my 101 thing s in 1001 days list.

Have you ever been to San Francisco Pride Week or another Pride Week in the country?

Here are couple more pictures I took that show the support San Francisco showed through the week!



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