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Monday Inspiration: Running


As I was riding the bus home from work, I saw a few people out for a late night run. I thought to myself, man I should go for a run. But as soon as I walked in my apartment door, going for a run didn’t sound so amazing.

This is a problem I have been fighting. I have this great big idea that I am going to begin running/make time to go running, but every time I think about doing so, I come up with an excuse to not do so.

Then today I saw this saying on my Instagram feed and it couldn’t have been a better wake up call.  Now lets see if I take the “wake up call” saying and put it into action.

Do you run? What’s your motivation?

Do you struggle with running?

So for Today’s monday inspiration, I want to inspire everyone busy or not to get out and run. Enjoy nature and what the city or town you live in has to offer to you. Pound out your anger and aggression, let the wind wrap you with happiness,  just let nature take control of your mind, body and spirit.

I know this is a late post, but I have been at work all day. 10 hour shift, say what? Ya that’s right I worked a double today and I am pooped (hence the not going for a run tonight). But hey, I’m doing it all over again tomorrow.

Happy Monday – the worst day of the week is almost over.

– C 


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