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Adventure Wednesday: J’s 30th Birthday

Birthdays are one of my favorite things to celebrate. I love planning something out for the birthday boy/girl. Whether it’s a surprise party, a trip, or just something between the two of us, the thrill of doing something special for that persons day is amazing.

This past week (August 8th) was my main squeezes 30th Birthday. I wanted to throw him a big dinner party but all he wanted to do was spend the day with me (hello can I just say one lucky girl here)!  I wasn’t going to complain but it was the man’s 30th Birthday, I figured he would have wanted to do something big. However, J is just not one of those types of people.

We went through many ideas  of things we could spend the day doing.

1. Spend the day at California Great America

2. Take a trip to Santa Cruz or Monetary Bay

3. Go camping for a couple of days

4. Rent a car and drive along the Northern California Coast

We we’re 80% set on going to California’s Great America as J had never been there and we both love theme parks.  Around 4 -5 days before his birthday he changed his mind and decided on driving up the Northern California Coast.

So I rented a car, and created a trip plan. This girl was in planning heaven.

On Thursday, I picked up the ZipCar, a cute mini copper, and packed it with snacks, a blanket for the beach, a bottle of champagne and wine to celebrate the Birthday Boy!  After packing up the car, I stopped by J’s favorite coffee shop and picked him up a coffee and breakfast burritos and then drove over to his place to pick him up. And we were off.

2013-08-08 11.38.20

We headed North on the 101 out of San Francisco for Bodega Bay, we then made a stop and hiked at Bodega Head and stopped on the way out of Bodega at a Clam Chowder restaurant which housed the BEST Clam Chowder either one of us has ever had.  There sign wasn’t lying.

J - checking out the amazing veiw

J – checking out the amazing view

View from Bodega Head

View from Bodega Head

2013-08-08 15.29.23

From Bodega we then headed north along the California 1 towards Goat Rock Beach. This beach was spectacular, I want to go back and just spend the day sifting through the pebbles we found. You know the ones you can buy at a touristy like store as collectables, well this beach is where they must all come from.

The pretty pebbles

The pretty pebbles

The waves and the sky were spectacular

The waves and the sky were spectacular

Of course I took a Selfie

Of course I took a Selfie

Goat Rock

Goat Rock

After walking along the beautiful beach we hit the 1 again for a beautiful drive along the coast. The plan was to find a cheap motel along the way and stay over night. That however, didn’t ever end up happening as all of the hotels/motels we stopped at seemed to be pretty pricy for a Thursday night.  So instead we stopped for dinner, and took another walk along a beach to watch the sunset.

2013-08-08 20.04.53

There was a bit of overcast so it wasn’t the best sunset but it was still a beautiful view.  After dinner we hopped back on the car and hit the 1 back to San Francisco. It was such an amazing trip even though it was cut short and I didn’t get to take J to all the places I wanted to, it was still perfect.

I almost forgot to mention we printed out this “Car License Plate Scavenger Hunt Game” and played it along the way. The goal was to mark off every states license plate as you saw it along the trip. We knocked off about 15 of the 50 states which I have to say is pretty good, for a Thursday along the 1 in California.

Have you planned in birthday’s lately? Do you enjoy planning things? What did you do for your last birthday or what did someone do for you? I’d love to hear your stories, so leave me a comment.

Happy Wednesday – The week is half way through!

– Christy 



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