Law School 101

Law School 101 // Am I studying enough

Today, I am so excited to announce a new series/project on Living My Life As I Know It.  For now we will call it Law School 101 (in the works of brainstorming a better series name, I’m not hooked on this one. Ideas?).

I am teaming up with Yelena, writer of the blog Lovely Thoughts and founder of the Lovely Thoughts Society, where we will be working alongside one another’s blogs each week to discuss everything to do with law school – from the LSAT and admissions to orientation and law school itself.

Before we start, I’d like to introduce mine and Yelena’s experience with Law School.

Yelena was just recently accepted to the University of Missouri Columbia School of Law and is writing an e-book “7 Steps to Law School”.  She has made it through the rough part of applying, taking the LSAT and playing the waiting game.

I am in the beginning stages of applying to Law Schools and studying to take the LSAT.

Aside from our weekly blog posts, together Yelena and I want to create a society where bloggers, students and the like can come together and talk everything law school. This is just the beginning!  At this time we are looking for people who are applying, have been accepted, are attending or have recently graduated from law school. If you are interested in learning more about this society we are working on please feel free to contact me at

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This blog post series will begin with questions/fears I am facing when it has to come to taking the LSAT and applying for law school. Each week on Tuesday I will post a questions/fear and on Thursday Yelena will post a response. Yelena’s responses will be advise and lessons she learned while going through the same process.

We are always open to hearing and answering your questions, as well as, taking your advice. So please feel free to comment or email us at anytime.

To start the series this week  my question is:

Am I spending enough time studying for the LSAT? 

2013-06-25 13.19.44


With my test being on October 5th, I know I don’t have a mass amount of time to prepare myself for the LSAT.  I have bought a few books to study from and have also purchased many practice test books.   But my biggest fear at this point in time is that I am just not studying enough.  How do you know if you are spending enough time studying?

*Tune in on Thursday to hear Yelena’s advice 

– Christy



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