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Law School 101 // LSAT Scores

Welcome Law School 101ers,

Last week on Law School 101, I asked Yelena from Lovely Thoughts, if I was studying enough for the LSAT.  In response to last weeks posts, I thought I would talk a little bit about how and when I study.

When I first signed up for the October 5th LSAT Test I had just about 3 months time to study. That time has flown by so fast and I am already about a month away from my test day. During those first couple months, whenever I had the chance I would sit at a coffee shop and read a book I bought that breaks down this different types of questions and helps teach you how to analysis them. After each reading there is a group of questions to do and I would work through those as well.  I was spending about 10 hours a week working this process.

With yesterday being the first day back at school, I know I am quickly going to kick back into study mode which will make it that much easier to study. My plan for the next month is to take a practice test 2 times a week, to work on my speed.  As well as, I have a book that breaks different groups down into an hour of questions a day for 39 days. I figure since I will be on campus Monday – Friday I will make sure I spend at least an hour a day in the Library solely working on my LSAT prep.  Two days a week I will need to spend 2 hours in the library each to take my practice timed test.

After reading Yelena’s response and breaking down my study habits, I can say I definitely haven’t studied as much as I can.  But, I think I am definitely studying a large amount and that there should be no reason as to why I wont kill this test with my plan for the next month or so of prep time.

Chat with us: What are/were your study techniques for the LSAT?

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This week my question for Yelena is:

How do I know what LSAT score I need? 

numbersMy first time practiced test I gave myself, I scored a 159. My second was a 161, and I’m sure I’ll have more to come over the corse of the next month as I continue to take these practice tests. But, how do I know what LSAT score is going to be best for me, when it comes to applying to Law Schools.

Do I just pick a number to aim for?

Is there a way to figure out what score I need to have a better chance of getting into a certain school?

Does my GPA affect what score I need on the LSAT?

What was your first practice score? and your actual LSAT score?

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Whoa, looks like I got carried away in the question area. Hopefully Yelena will have great insight on this.  Check back in with us on LMLAIKI on Thursday for Yelena’s response post.

Plus, you don’t want to miss the exciting news Yelena and I have to share about our new adventure together. 

– Happy Studying Law School 101er’s

       – Christy 

If you missed the posts from last week you can catch up on the first question/opening post here and Yelena’s answer post here.  Make sure to stay tuned to both of our blogs weekly for the continuing of our Law School 101 series. 

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