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1 week


In exactly one week I will be taking my first LSAT! All I can say is I am extremely nervous.

Studying did not turn out the way I wanted to and because I started to over analyze everything my practice scores went down from my first original test without ever even studying. Hopefully I can pull through next week!

*just to be prepared I signed up for the December exam as a back up

Wish me luck!



Hi There…. from afar

Hiya Loves,

I know I have been away from the blogging world these past two weeks. And although, I want to say I’m sorry I can’t because to be honest I’m really not sorry. Harsh, Right? No not really, it’s just honesty! I want you all to know it’s not because I don’t like blogging, that I don’t want to blog or that I just kept forgetting to post. It was just simply that I needed time away from they cyber space environment.

Why you ask:

Well, about two-weeks ago my Great Grandfather passed away. This was really difficult for me and I have been experiencing a lot of mixed emotions over the past two weeks. One of them being that I don’t really want to talk to anyone, and that anyone includes all of you lovely people. I’ve kinda shut people out as I grieve the loss of my Great Grandfather and I know it’s not what I should be doing, but it’s what I needed to do.


RIP: Grandpa Tamm

Also, along with his passing, school has been kicking my butt. I’m having a hard time finding time to complete all my studying and readings for my classes. Not to mention that the LSAT is in less than two weeks and I’m hardly studying due to the school work I have.  Not to mention work and squeezing in a personal life.

A glance at my schedule from last week!

A glance at my schedule from last week!


 When a mountain is thrown into the path you call life, YOU climb IT!

Over the past two weeks I have made lists, upon lists, of ideas for the blog.  I am really excited to start transforming those ideas into posts and hope you get just as excited as I am. I have a ton of things in-store for the blog and my life in general. I really enjoying having y’all along for the journey. Please don’t hesitate to leave me comments or shoot me an email. I love to hear your ideas, answer your questions and hear your stories.

You loves are what keep my going!



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Monday Inspiration // ROAR

So little secret….

Every morning when I wake up and get ready for my day, I love to play Pop and/or Top 40 music. Don’t laugh… I have a fond place in my heart for this kinda music. And in the morning it helps get me moving with its up beat tempo. Lately my play list has been “The Top 100 Tracks Currently On Spotify,” it’s a pretty darn good mix, if I do say so myself.

Every morning I set the playlist to shuffle, turn up the volume and begin my morning routine. I’ve noticed the last couple of mornings when “Roar,” by Katy Perry plays, I can’t help but sing along and connect with the lyrics. There is just something about this song that does it for me.  When it came on this morning, I sat down and wrote out the lyrics that stood out to me the most. I wanted to try to analysis why this song was hitting me so hard.  It didn’t take long to figure it out.

Before I divulge why I am so into this song, here is a YouTube video of the song for you to watch/listen too (the music videos’ kinda cute):

“I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath, scared to rock the boat and make a mess, so I sit quietly, agreed politely, I guess I forgot I had a choice, I let you push me past the breaking point, I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything.” 

In this song, Katy is talking about a particular person who had held her down. For me in particular the thing that has held/is holding me down is my inner self. The person people don’t see. 

My path to where I am today has been a rough one. I’ve made plenty of bad decisions,  had a couple really bad relationships, an amazing one that ended in complete heartbreak, health issues, and the like.  And my inner self constantly reminds me of these things, telling me, I’m not worthy of anything better. Always creating a shadow of doubt, that things wont work out, when I start new things. I’ve always just sat back and let my inner self take the ropes, throwing myself into a mindset that, I wont succeed, I wont find love, my health issues wont get better, etc. My inner self was causing me to doubt myself, I was falling into a deep depression.

“You held me down but I got up already, brushing off the dust you hear my voice you hear that sound like thunder gonna shake the ground”

But, then at some point this past year, I found something inside me.

 “I got the eye of the tiger, the fire, dancing through the fire. Cause I am a champion and your going to hear me roar, louder, louder than the tiger, because I am the champion.” 

When I went through a heart wrenching break up back in October of last year, I really struggled with what I wanted and who I was. But it’s at that time that I think I finally found my fire.

“Now I’m floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee I earned my stripes, I went from zero to my own hero, you held me down but I got up already brushing off the dust, you hear my voice, you hear that sound like thunder gonna shaken the ground. You held me down but I got up, get ready cause I’ve had enough, I see it all, I see it now. I’ve got the eye of the tiger” 

These last lyrics here are exactly what I am saying to myself. I have finally found the fire within myself to diminish the depressing inside me and find the “Tiger” within myself.  I have what it takes to overcome and/or do anything I set my mind too. With hard work and dedication I can overcome any obstacle large or small in any part of my life.

I am a champion and you’re going to hear me




September Goals

Lately, I have been writing lists and lists of things I want to get done this month. I thought I would post my list of goals on LMLAIKI so that y’all could hold me accountable for them.

Personal Goals: 

  • Loose 10 pounds – I am currently at 134lbs
  • Reduce body fat percentage – I am currently at 24% body fat
  • Eat less food from work – Although it’s good its not the healthiest.
  • Go running at least 2-3 times a week – Interval running is the goal 

School Goals: 

  • Stay caught up on my readings
  • Take 2 LSAT Practice tests a week
  • Follow my LSAT question practicing 5 days a week
  • Start my Personal Statement for my Law Applications
  • Create/Finish my Law Application resume

Blogging Goals: 

  • 2 posts a week on LMLAIKI
  • Work with Yelena on getting Law School 101 moving along the path we want


I’m sure throughout the month I will add more things and I will make sure to keep y’all in the loop on how I am doing.  Hope y’all are ready to be my virtual cheerleaders. Encouraging comments are accepted in the comments! LOL!

Do you have goals for the month? If so share them in the comments so I can be your virtual cheerleader. Lets team up!





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Law School 101 // Is Moving….

I am so excited to announce that the Law School 101 series that Yelena and I started a couple of weeks ago is moving to its own blog.  That’s right, you heard me! Yelena and I have big plans for our Law School 101 series, so we’ve decided to turn it into its very own blog.

Come check out our new digs: 

Law School 101 Logo

Also, don’t forget to check out our Facebook Community, where you can connect with us on a daily basis.  Here you will also be able to connect with like-minded individuals, and stay up to speed with our blog posts.


See you out there!

– Christy 

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Happy Labor Day

Today I’d like to take a minute and say Thank You to all the working men and women out there.  If it weren’t for all of you we wouldn’t be the country we are today. No matter our societies situation we are quite the nation and it’s not possible without the working men and women. So here’s to Labor Day!


Today is the first time in quite a few years that I have had the day off. No work and no school, fantastic! Joshua and I are headed to Golden Gate park to BBQ and take in the day. Although, there might be some studying that I have to do, it should still be a fun-filled day.

What are you doing for your Labor Day? 

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101 in 1001// Update

I started my 101 things to do in 1001 days list on January 1st 2013.  The goal is to complete all 101 things by September 28th, 2015.  As of yesterday (August 31st, 2013), I have completed 16 things and am in the progress of working on 14 things. Not to bad, if I do say so myself. To share in my success I thought it was time for an update.

Here is where my list stands thus far:

Christy’s 101 things in 1001 days

  1. Inspire someone else to do the 101 list Yelena over at the blog “The Twenty-Something” check out her list 
  2. Create a savings account – (created savings account on Jan 2nd)
  3. Apply for a passport – filled out the paper work – just need to schedule and appointment and file 
  4. Pay off all my CC debt – putting money away from tips daily to put towards CC debt – March 1st 2014 is goal!
  5. Travel outside the country
  6. Graduate from SFSU  – (should graduate Spring 2014) 
  7. Get a big girl job
  8. Take the LSAT  – First test is on October 5th, 2013 
  9. Apply to Law school
  10. Read 25 books for pleasure 4/25 see my list of books below.
  11. Unplug for a weekend (phone and internet) – Must be a weekend I don’t work
  12. Go camping
  13. Go Skinny dipping
  14. Visit a big city in the U.S.
  15. Throw a big party
  16. Buy the person behind me coffee or a meal
  17. Send a care package to someone in the military
  18. Send a care package to a friend
  19. Write personal letters to at least 5 people 0/5
  20. Get a minimum of 50 people to follow my blog between the blogs Facebook page and the blog directly  26/50
  21. Go a month without take out
  22. Have a no spend month (groceries, bills, emergencies only)
  23. Ride 1000 miles 46.45/1000 – see my logged miles below – check out this post about one of my rides!
  24. Go on a date 
  25. Fall in love again
  26. Dance in the rain
  27. Sing Karaoke in a bar
  28. Travel alone somewhere at least over night  went to Disney Land – 
  29. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  30. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  31. Go Wine tasting in Napa
  32. Jump off a cliff
  33. Train for and Run a 5k (I am not a fan of running so this will be a challenge for me)
  34. Have dinner by candle light
  35. Give a 100% tip
  36. Complete a 30 day photo challenge
  37. Create and Inspiration/dream wall in my kitchen
  38. Fill my frames with pictures of people I love
  39. Invest in blog business cards 
  40. Have someone redesign my blog  I redesigned it myself
  41. Be sponsored on my blog
  42. Organize and download all my photos from Facebook
  43. Attend a blogging conference
  44. Take a cooking or baking class
  45. Make 10 recipes from pinterest – 2/10 – Pasta tacos, pesto chicken and tomato noodles, 
  46. Do 5 DIY projects from pinterest
  47. Put all of my recipes together in a cookbook
  48. Do 10 things from 0/10
  49. Get straight A’s one semester
  50. Buy new pots and pans *make the investment – my stepdad bought me some a set in August 13′
  51. Sponsor a child in a third world country
  52. Sponsor a Make a Wish Child
  53. Get a Tattoo
  54. Play Wii sports games for 30 days straight
  55. Buy and learn Photoshop – its been downloaded – now to learn it
  56. Do Yoga for 30 days straight
  57. Go to a concert Swedish House Mafia 2/14/13, Tim McGraw 6/9/13
  58. Identify 101 things that make me smile 17/101 see my list below
  59. Record myself singing and share on Facebook and YouTube
  60. Write a letter to myself to open when I am 30
  61. Watch or re-watch all movies that got best picture in the past 10 years as of 2013 0/10
  62. Put $10 into savings for everything completed on this list $30/$1010 
  63. Do the A-Z picture challenge
  64. Keep a line a day  for 3 months  ended up being more than a line a day see this Monday inspiration post  
  65. Call my Mom/Dad/Stepmom/sister once a month for a year – I talk to one of them at least 2-3 times a month
  66. Write a blog post for every completed item on the list –  2/101 see all posts about completed tasks by clicking on the task
  67. Have acupuncture done
  68. Go snowboarding – I love snowboarding but don’t get to go ever now that I live in California
  69. Go one month without buying coffee from Starbucks
  70. Attend a festival – Carnival with Eva, SF Pride with J, 
  71. Give 20 just because gifts 0/20
  72. Have photos taken with family
  73. Have boudoir photos taken
  74. Go to Disney World – does Disney Land count?
  75. Grow a plant from a seed
  76. Donate to a cause or charity
  77. Send a post card to
  78. Send 20 postcards through post crossings 0/20
  79. Answer the 50 questions to free my mind
  80. Ride my bicycle across the golden gate bridge 
  81. Do a full ride in Marin county
  82. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast
  83. Go to the zoo by myself
  84. Finish all desperate housewives episodes 57/180
  85. Hide a note in a book in my school library
  86. Go to the ballet
  87. Make myself a build a bear
  88. Put a scrapbook together of Rae and I to give to her at her graduation
  89. Send flowers to a friend just because
  90. Have a movie theater marathon: 2 movies 1 day  Joshua and I went and saw “We’re the Millers” and “Elysium” 
  91. Learn how to golf or at least go golfing once
  92. Order new checks – they are very girly and even have my SF address on them
  93. Start reading the bible again
  94. Have a guest blogger – Yelena has been a guest blogger twice for Law School 101 
  95. Be a guest blogger
  96. Keep flowers in my apartment for a month straight or longer – now working on keeping them continually 
  97. Go to a big San Francisco Event – SF Pride Week 
  98. Try a new restaurant once a week for a month
  99. Write at least 24 vent letters and burn them 0/25
  100. Leave an operation beauty note somewhere 0/10
  101. Brush and Floss my teeth twice a day every day for a month straight the goal is to keep up the routine – not sure why I have this on here I think it’s a cheater because I do this everyday unless I unexpectedly stay over at a friend’s house! 

#10 Read 25 books for Pleasure

 Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades Darker
Fifty Shades Freed

Tracking of  #23 Ride 1000 Miles on my Bicycle

January 3rd 2013 – 26.45 miles – First trip across the bridge (also completed #8 read my post about it here)

February 3rd 2013 – 8 Miles – First Mnt. Bike Ride

6 miles – Through the City Bridge to Bridge

3 miles – Bike ride to Golden Gate Park with Joshua

3 miles – Bike ride to Baker Beach with Joshua

#58 Identify 101 things that make me smile

My cat (Sweetpea)
Having a place of my own
Living in San Francisco
My little Sister Rachael
Mist from the Fog
Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge
The Beach
Crappy Television

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Are you working on a 101 list? – Share your link in the comments so I can check out your list. I’d love to be a virtual cheerleader for you!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday weekend and staying safe. I had a nice relaxing Friday and Saturday, today I’m working and then tomorrow will be homework and LSAT studying.  What are you doing for your holiday weekend?

– Christy