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Health // Diets are not for me!

It has just come in for the umpteenth time.

Diets are NOT for me!!!

I know its funny, my last post was just on eating Paleo for two weeks. And that was all with good intentions.  I managed it for a week and lost two pounds, but the kicker is, that’s it. I didn’t feel any different health wise all week, my energy level was actually lower than normal this entire past week and my emotions we’re a little….

  • lets just say I was a big B word this past week. 

Diets just aren’t for me. I’ve known this long enough but for some reason, I keep telling myself I can do it.  Every time I hear about the new “fad diet” out there, I jump at trying it and after a week, the same thing happens.

  • I’m the kinda girl who LOVES food. 

One of the reasons I love living in San Francisco is the vast amount of restaurant at my finger tips. But, when I go on a diet every two to three weeks, I surrender the option to eat at any of those restaurants. Not fair to my love for San Francisco. 

  • If I put just as much effort into working out as I do dieting…

Seriously though, I love to work out/exercise. I love riding my bike, and doing yoga. Lately I have started to fall into lust with running. So if I just put all the effort I have been putting into dieting into exercise, I wouldn’t have any issues. I’d probably be in better shape. Wait no I WOULD be in better shape and I’d stay in better shape.

So on to the next and better of the two goals…. 

1. Spend 20 + minutes a day doing some form of exercise

a. Walking the hills of the city

b. Go for a run

c. Go for a bike ride

d. Do an at home workout routine

c. Do yoga

2. Meet my daily steps goal (tracked through Argus on my phone)

3. Eat as healthy as I can throughout the day // But don’t stress over it, just do it habitually

4. Drink more water than anything else I drink all day

5. Just relax and enjoy my body for what it is


Do you struggle with diets?  Do you prefer to diet or work out?  What are your secrets?  Please feel free to comment and/or share.

Happy Thursday Lovelies.

 ~ C



2 thoughts on “Health // Diets are not for me!

  1. I so agree with you! I suck at dieting, but it’s probably because I set such high, unreasonable standards for myself and put so much pressure on eating “perfectly” according to the diet that it’s all I focus on. Then, when I slip up, it seeps into all areas of my life and just makes me a not-so-kind person.

    I’m kind of in the same place now too – just to eat well and eat less. To listen to my body and feed it nutritious, good stuff; to take it out into the sunshine once in awhile – whether it’s running, walking or just basking in the sunshine. To just treat my body well, every day. That is so much more motivating than a strict regime!

    Great post – thank you for being honest and open about this! 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I just wonder where you find the time to go for a run. I can’t find the time at all and Im sure the Life of an L1 is just as crazy as mine or even crazier!


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