Raining day…

Hello lovelies.

Where ever you are I hope you are staying dry. I write to you as I sit for a few minutes on my lunch break at work. When I sat down I realized, I’ve been failing at blogging lately. I honestly can’t even explain why.

I think about blog ideas almost everyday and I have notes everywhere! If you open my school note book there’s ideas jotted down on every class lecture notes page. My phone has a good 20 ideas listed in it.

But again, I never just sit down and write out a post. I don’t have any excuses other than IM LAZY! I get home from work or school and eat or sleep. Most days I do both I eat then I sleep. That’s about it. Other than the occasional night out with the love, I’m just down right lazy! And I’ve unfortunately but blogging on the back burner.

Well I come to you again for like the 3rd time since the New Year to tell you. I’m back, I’m going to blog more. This time I’m not going to make any promises because well I don’t want to break any promises. But hey my lovelies, keep an eye out for more blog posts from me.

Well back to the daily grind of plastering a fake smile on my face and serving food to some of the most needy customers out there. Good ol’ tourists!



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