About Me!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, whatever your fancy might be!

My name is Christina and I’m a 20-something living my life to the fullest!

I live in the big wonderful city of San Francisco, I enjoy everything this city has to offer and often share it here on the blog.

I’m officially a student at San Francisco State University after 5 years. I am studying Communication and am strongly considering going to Law school once I’m finished at SFSU.

I work as a waitress at Hard Rock Cafe on Pier 39 and am slowly working on establishing a Social Media Consultant business of my own.

Sweetpea is also in the need of an introduction, she is my beautiful cat who has quite the personality.

This blog is a place for me to vent, share and explore. My goal is to make this a positive place, turning all negative things into positives when I write. Although, I can not promise I will always be able to stick to that. I will do my best.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to leave me comments and or contact me if you just want to chit-chat.


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