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Happy Holidays


The holiday season is one of my favorites. I love the decorations, the time spent with those close to you, and the love and joy that is shared by all, to name just a few things.

This holiday season for me its a little bittersweet as all of my family is in different states this year.  The sweet part of the”bittersweetness” is this year I will get to spend the holidays with someone I do love and that makes me very happy.

Jax and Me

I hope everyone this holiday season gets to spend time with the ones they love. Family and friends are what make the world go round.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and to all my family and friends;

A Very MERRY Christmas 

xoxo- Christy 


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Adventure Wednesday: J’s 30th Birthday

Birthdays are one of my favorite things to celebrate. I love planning something out for the birthday boy/girl. Whether it’s a surprise party, a trip, or just something between the two of us, the thrill of doing something special for that persons day is amazing.

This past week (August 8th) was my main squeezes 30th Birthday. I wanted to throw him a big dinner party but all he wanted to do was spend the day with me (hello can I just say one lucky girl here)!  I wasn’t going to complain but it was the man’s 30th Birthday, I figured he would have wanted to do something big. However, J is just not one of those types of people.

We went through many ideas  of things we could spend the day doing.

1. Spend the day at California Great America

2. Take a trip to Santa Cruz or Monetary Bay

3. Go camping for a couple of days

4. Rent a car and drive along the Northern California Coast

We we’re 80% set on going to California’s Great America as J had never been there and we both love theme parks.  Around 4 -5 days before his birthday he changed his mind and decided on driving up the Northern California Coast.

So I rented a car, and created a trip plan. This girl was in planning heaven.

On Thursday, I picked up the ZipCar, a cute mini copper, and packed it with snacks, a blanket for the beach, a bottle of champagne and wine to celebrate the Birthday Boy!  After packing up the car, I stopped by J’s favorite coffee shop and picked him up a coffee and breakfast burritos and then drove over to his place to pick him up. And we were off.

2013-08-08 11.38.20

We headed North on the 101 out of San Francisco for Bodega Bay, we then made a stop and hiked at Bodega Head and stopped on the way out of Bodega at a Clam Chowder restaurant which housed the BEST Clam Chowder either one of us has ever had.  There sign wasn’t lying.

J - checking out the amazing veiw

J – checking out the amazing view

View from Bodega Head

View from Bodega Head

2013-08-08 15.29.23

From Bodega we then headed north along the California 1 towards Goat Rock Beach. This beach was spectacular, I want to go back and just spend the day sifting through the pebbles we found. You know the ones you can buy at a touristy like store as collectables, well this beach is where they must all come from.

The pretty pebbles

The pretty pebbles

The waves and the sky were spectacular

The waves and the sky were spectacular

Of course I took a Selfie

Of course I took a Selfie

Goat Rock

Goat Rock

After walking along the beautiful beach we hit the 1 again for a beautiful drive along the coast. The plan was to find a cheap motel along the way and stay over night. That however, didn’t ever end up happening as all of the hotels/motels we stopped at seemed to be pretty pricy for a Thursday night.  So instead we stopped for dinner, and took another walk along a beach to watch the sunset.

2013-08-08 20.04.53

There was a bit of overcast so it wasn’t the best sunset but it was still a beautiful view.  After dinner we hopped back on the car and hit the 1 back to San Francisco. It was such an amazing trip even though it was cut short and I didn’t get to take J to all the places I wanted to, it was still perfect.

I almost forgot to mention we printed out this “Car License Plate Scavenger Hunt Game” and played it along the way. The goal was to mark off every states license plate as you saw it along the trip. We knocked off about 15 of the 50 states which I have to say is pretty good, for a Thursday along the 1 in California.

Have you planned in birthday’s lately? Do you enjoy planning things? What did you do for your last birthday or what did someone do for you? I’d love to hear your stories, so leave me a comment.

Happy Wednesday – The week is half way through!

– Christy 


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Adventure Wednesday’s: SF Pride

Living in San Francisco I have come to find that you really must have an open mind to everyone. I myself have never had any issue with any one who chooses to be with someone of the same-sex.

Growing up, my family sheltered us from the knowledge of homosexuals. However, I always knew even though it was supposed to be a secret that my aunt was a Lesbian . I never had any issue with it and when my family finally told me, I made sure they all knew I already knew and that I completely supported her.

Know living in San Francisco I find it pretty obvious that everyone needs to carry an open mind when it comes to homosexuality. And what I love the most is that everyone really does. Two weeks ago it was Pride Week here in San Francisco and it was such an amazing experience to see the city come together in support of everyone.

Pride Week meant so much more to homosexual individuals and their supports as DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) had been deemed unconstitutional by the United States Supreme.  DOMA originally denied all benefits and recognition to same-sex marriages. On June 26th DOMA was ruled unconstitutional making all marriages including same-sex marriages recognizable and worthy of the same benefits. So I am sure you can see the excitement that was rolling through the gay community of San Francisco, and what better timing could there have been then 4 days before San Francisco’s Pride Weekend to commence for this news to come out. Answer is NONE!

I was lucky enough to snag Sunday off from work which was the biggest celebration day of SF Pride. There was a huge festival 4 blocks from my apartment as well as a 4 hour-long parade. So, since I had the day off I dragged J out of bed early in the morning to head down to the parade route.

We couldn’t have gotten out of bed early enough to have been able to get a spot to watch the parade. Unfortunately, we were unable to enjoy the parade but we did try to find a place to stand for a little while before giving up due to the heat and our growling tummies.

Heres a picture of the crowds of people lined up along Market Street awaiting the parade and the only part of the parade we were able to see the Balloon people.


Instead of standing and watching the 4 hour-long parade and standing in the overwhelming large crowd of people we decided to head to the festival and grab food and do some people watching.

Which was such a great idea. We grabbed some great finger foods and a beer each and found a place to sit. You wouldn’t believe some of the outfits we saw on people. Here are a few pictures. *please note some of these pictures can be offensive to some, I have only posted what I found to be most appropriate for the internet to get across what we saw*


Overall we had an amazing time and got to experience such an amazing festival and celebration in San Francisco. Not to mention I am now able to mark off #97 on my 101 thing s in 1001 days list.

Have you ever been to San Francisco Pride Week or another Pride Week in the country?

Here are couple more pictures I took that show the support San Francisco showed through the week!


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Adventure Wednesday’s: Duffey Wedding

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Today I figured I would write a post that quickly touched base on the marriage of two of my closest friends. After 8 years together on June 14th they finally tied the knot. I couldn’t be happier for Karen and James and I wish them both all the love and luck in the world, they deserve the best and are truly blessed with one another.

To kickstart their wedding, Karen and James hosted a Wedding Party weekend at a beautiful home in Southern California between Santa Barbra and Oxnard. The weekend was in the beginning of May and was for the bridal party to spend time together, getting to know one another and celebrating the commitment our friends were about to make. As this was a joint thing with the groomsmen and bridesmaids on Saturday the ladies made sure to sneak away for some lady time. Us ladies took off for Santa Barbra to do some wine tasting and give the bride a nice little bachelorette gift.

Here are a few pictures I was able to capture of the Wedding Party shindig.

Then there was the Wedding on June 14th which was absolutely beautiful. I wish I would have been able to get more pictures than I did, but, here is what I was able to snap while we were eating dinner!

I am so happy/over the moon with joy for this beautiful couple. James and Karen have been friends of mine for about 5 years now and it has been such a pleasure getting to know both of them. Best of luck you two! I love you!

– CT 

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Adventure Wednesday – June 5th

Today, I thought I would finally sit down and write out a long over due post on my trip to Disneyland at the end of March. I’m not really quite sure why its taken me this long to do so.

Anyways, before I start I want to note that this trip to Disneyland also counts as a 101in1001 days achievement #28 Travel alone somewhere at least over night, Yay!

Disney Land – March 27th – March 30th 

My little sister’s, who I’ll refer to as Bug, school made it to Nationals in Dance and this year it was held in Southern California. Bug called me right away and asked if I could make the trip, 2 days in Disneyland and 2 days watching her dance (which is something I never get to see). Of course I said yes!

I flew down to Anaheim on March 27th and stayed at the Hilton in a beautiful room, all on my own. It was actually my first time staying in a hotel by myself. I have to say it was totally awesome.

We spent the first two days Wednesday and Thursday running around the two parks California Adventure and Disneyland and then Friday and Saturday were long days of dance competition.

Shout out to Bug and her dance team as they received a 2nd place award on both Friday and Saturday. This is such an amazing accomplishment and I was so proud and happy to be there to witness it.

Below are most of the pictures from the trip! Enjoy! *The tall girl is Bug’s best friend A


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Adventure Wednesday’s (a day late…)

When I woke up yesterday, It hit me that it was the first day of my summer break. It hit me, that I didn’t have to get up and study all day, write a paper or read a boring text-book. It hit me, that I for the first time in a long time could do whatever I wanted.

Problem was, I had NO IDEA what to do.  I have this huge list of things I want to get done this summer (post on this tomorrow) but nothing on the list seemed appealing for my first day of Summer. So after laying in bed watching TV for way longer than I should have, I decided I was going to go on a walk.

My goal was to go on a walk and just think about life, my goals (for this summer and life in general), and to honestly just breathe some fresh air after what was a long stressful semester, fresh air sounded so appealing.  So my Adventure Wednesday is a recap of my walk yesterday.

This was no short walk around the block this was a 4 hour 6 mile walk and guess what? It was absolutely amazing!  I live in the center of San Francisco and I set out from my apartment towards the Pac Heights area of the city. What I really wanted to do was walk through that area looking at all the nice, expensive homes and drool a little bit. I did just that, sorry no pictures of any of the houses I liked (not sure why I didn’t pull my phone out).

After wandering around Pac Heights, I decided I wanted to see some nature so I wandered over to the Presidio. The Presidio is an old naval base that has been turned into a National State Park but also has housing that anyone can live in. It’s very woodsy and meant for the lovers of nature.

I just wandered through the trails breathing in the fresh air and taking in the beautiful views of nature. Next thing you know I had hit the ocean, which is about 5 miles from my apartment building.  Wow, I couldn’t and still can’t believe that I found myself at Baker Beach.  That’s right, Baker Beach is San Francisco’s only nude beach. No nudies yesterday though, as it was a tad bit nippy. It was just fascinating to me that I walked that far and was able to enjoy such beauty. Sometimes I think I really take nature for granted! 

Here are some pictures from my walk that show the beauty I saw yesterday:

2013-05-22 15.40.34 2013-05-22 15.48.51

2013-05-22 16.55.27  2013-05-22 16.55.23

After my walk I met up with some new girl friends for some drinks in the Haight and then I headed home. My first day of summer and Adventure Wednesday was well worth every moment. I day dreamed a lot, made mental to-do, want and need lists, and I focused on myself and who I want to be. Which leads me to my final thing today.

When I woke up this morning a friend had posted a TEDTalk on Facebook and said everyone in their twenties needed to watch it. The TEDTalk was titled “30 is not the new 20” and I’ve posted it below for you to watch.


I share this with you because like I said, while I was on my walk yesterday I thought a lot about myself and who I want to be, my goals, etc. Waking up and watching this video this morning just hit home for me. All the thoughts that were running through my head yesterday are things she was commenting on. This TEDTalk inspired me to keep at what I am doing, as well as, it opened my eyes to some of the situations I am dealing with. I’m 24 almost 25 so here is to the next 5 and 1/2 years to make the most of who I am going to be. 

Have you had any adventures lately? Share them with me in the comments below, I really love to hear others stories. 

Have a wonderful week! 

– C 

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Adventure Wednesday: Change is coming

ocean copy

I have built up the courage to lose sight of the shore. I’m letting change into my life.

If you were around for my, In Need of Advice… Life Decision, blog post you know that I had a huge life decision to make. I can tell you it wasn’t an easy one and before writing that post it was months of pros and cons lists, budgeting, conversations with friends and family and soul-searching.  Well after the months of consideration and the advice I received from all of you, friends and family I have decided to make a huge change in my life.

I have decided to go with Life Decision: Option #2 with a little bit of sub-option A & B (See option below)


Option #2: Quit my job and focus on my education and myself!

Within this option there are two underlying options to go along with it

A: Quit and live off of my student loans and money currently saved up


Time to focus solely on my education and myself

Time to find an internship (which is a must in my field of study)


Money will be supper tight (will have to cut back on a lot of things)

Will most likely have to take out another loan before my next school financial aid disbursement (however, an alternative to this is I will have time to focus on applying for scholarships FREE money)

B: Quit and live off mu student loans and currently saved money but find a part-time job


Having a part-time job will keep me from going board (I can’t handle too much free time) – Also within this part-time job option it could just be my own side work of event planning, social media help or home and office organizational offerings – 3 things I do really well and really enjoy/miss doing and are all can be great work experience for what I want to do while attending law school!

Will have much more time to dedicate to school

Will have time to dedicate to finding/working at an internship

Most likely would not need to take out another student loan


Money will be supper tight (will have to cut back on a lot of things)


I gave my two weeks notice to my current job on Friday, it was a very difficult thing to do, but I felt a million times better after doing so. Although, the stress of this job is still weighing on my shoulders through the 15th a few sighs of relief have started to escape me. I am so happy now that I realize soon things will be a little bit more stress free for me.

Things are defiantly going to be a little tough money wise but I have always been good at budgeting when I need to. I will have to work at finding a part-time job to make a little extra cash so that I can have the freedom to still enjoy myself, but for now cutting back on a few extra things wont kill me.

So far I have signed up for a couple of babysitting/nanny sourcing websites and, and applied to a handful of part-time jobs off of Craigslist. I know I will land something it will just take time, as I want to make sure I find something that wont ruin the purpose of this change in the first place. Also, my hopes are still up that I could possibly land a paid internship.

This new change is a new adventure. I am nervous for it to come but its an exciting nervousness. I can’t wait to share the experience with all of you and want to thank you all for the support you have given me thus far.

What types of changes are you wanting to make in your life? Have you ever made a change like this that took months of debating? How does change make you feel?

I’d love to hear your experiences, please leave a comment or feel free to email me at

Have an Adventurous Wednesday

– C