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It’s been 2 Years!!!



Happy Birthday LMLAIKI! These past two years have been wonderful. We have been off and on and off again but this year is looking up for us. I’m ready to dive into our second year of life at full force. So loves, stay tuned because things should only get better. Oh and the lack of posting should soon be fixed.

Have a cupcake or two for us!

xoxo – 




Hi There…. from afar

Hiya Loves,

I know I have been away from the blogging world these past two weeks. And although, I want to say I’m sorry I can’t because to be honest I’m really not sorry. Harsh, Right? No not really, it’s just honesty! I want you all to know it’s not because I don’t like blogging, that I don’t want to blog or that I just kept forgetting to post. It was just simply that I needed time away from they cyber space environment.

Why you ask:

Well, about two-weeks ago my Great Grandfather passed away. This was really difficult for me and I have been experiencing a lot of mixed emotions over the past two weeks. One of them being that I don’t really want to talk to anyone, and that anyone includes all of you lovely people. I’ve kinda shut people out as I grieve the loss of my Great Grandfather and I know it’s not what I should be doing, but it’s what I needed to do.


RIP: Grandpa Tamm

Also, along with his passing, school has been kicking my butt. I’m having a hard time finding time to complete all my studying and readings for my classes. Not to mention that the LSAT is in less than two weeks and I’m hardly studying due to the school work I have.  Not to mention work and squeezing in a personal life.

A glance at my schedule from last week!

A glance at my schedule from last week!


 When a mountain is thrown into the path you call life, YOU climb IT!

Over the past two weeks I have made lists, upon lists, of ideas for the blog.  I am really excited to start transforming those ideas into posts and hope you get just as excited as I am. I have a ton of things in-store for the blog and my life in general. I really enjoying having y’all along for the journey. Please don’t hesitate to leave me comments or shoot me an email. I love to hear your ideas, answer your questions and hear your stories.

You loves are what keep my going!




September Goals

Lately, I have been writing lists and lists of things I want to get done this month. I thought I would post my list of goals on LMLAIKI so that y’all could hold me accountable for them.

Personal Goals: 

  • Loose 10 pounds – I am currently at 134lbs
  • Reduce body fat percentage – I am currently at 24% body fat
  • Eat less food from work – Although it’s good its not the healthiest.
  • Go running at least 2-3 times a week – Interval running is the goal 

School Goals: 

  • Stay caught up on my readings
  • Take 2 LSAT Practice tests a week
  • Follow my LSAT question practicing 5 days a week
  • Start my Personal Statement for my Law Applications
  • Create/Finish my Law Application resume

Blogging Goals: 

  • 2 posts a week on LMLAIKI
  • Work with Yelena on getting Law School 101 moving along the path we want


I’m sure throughout the month I will add more things and I will make sure to keep y’all in the loop on how I am doing.  Hope y’all are ready to be my virtual cheerleaders. Encouraging comments are accepted in the comments! LOL!

Do you have goals for the month? If so share them in the comments so I can be your virtual cheerleader. Lets team up!





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Home Sick


Sorry my Monday inspiration didn’t go out yesterday. After a long day at work I had all intentions of coming home and posting but I started to not feel very good on my way home from work.

And today I can report I am home sick and in bed… Booooooo!!!!!

Anyways hopefully if I start feeling better i can get back to blogging.

Miss you all


Summer Break is upon me

After what has seemed to be the longest semester ever, I have finally completed my Spring semester at San Francisco State University. Do you know what that means?

No? well let me tell you, it means that next year will be my Senior year, and I (as long as everything goes as planned) will be graduating this time next year with my Bachelors in Communication. After what will be 6 years of undergrad studying, I can not wait to graduate!

Now with that said, summer break is here and I am so ready to jump back on the blogging bandwagon.


I know it has been hit or miss with me these last few months, and I feel horrible about it. Not only because I am not providing anything for ya’ll to read but mainly because I’ve not been able to work on my goal of building my blog. So as I slam my fist on the desk, I mean it when I say I am back and ready to write, entertain and grow.

With that said there will be two posts today. This one as well as a day late Adventure Wednesday. Here’s to summer, my blog, ya’ll and just having a darn good time.

– C



Exciting Changes


A little over a month ago I made a huge life change. I quit my job and joined the unemployed. I made this life decision in hopes to become a happier, healthier person as well as to be able to gain experience in areas that benefited what I want to do with my life once school is over.  

Well now its been a month and I am happy to say things so far are on the up and up. 

School is still school and I am doing everything I can to get caught up but that seems to never be something that will happen. 

Work is a whole other story. I have decided to try and start my own thing as a Social Media Consultant. And so far so good, I have landed myself two clients and things are looking like they could really take off. 

I want to say I’ve also become happier and healthier.  My stress level has gone way down helping me in both of those aspects. I have started eating differently now that I have the time to not rush when it comes to school as well as I have joined the gym again! 

Anything exciting happening for any of my loves?