Rewind…Fast Forward… Now What…


About 7 years ago I graduated from high school with the plan to never attend college. At 18 I was over education and thought I was invisible.  6 months later I was bored with my everyday life and had a random desire to head back to school. So with that I enrolled myself in community college and started taking the basic math and english courses.  Add another year and I was transferring to a community college in California and narrowing down my ideas for a major. Add 6 months and I had decided on a Business degree. Another year later I was changing my degree focus to Marketing and 6 months later changing it to Communication.  Insert one year and its 2011 and I’ve finished the course work for 3 Associates Degrees and am being told its time I transferred to a State or University school to achieve my bachelors degree. Fall 2012 arrives and I’m sitting in a classroom at San Francisco State University pursuing my communication degree.


It’s May 8th 2014, I have exactly three more days of school left to attend, and one final exam to take before I graduate from San Francisco State University. With a degree in the Study of Communication. I am stressed and anxious. My senioritis has hit in full force. My attention is lost. My drive for education seems to have dissipated. I just want it to be over. The end is so near but it seems so far away.

Well NOW what:

It’s the same question day in and day out. Everyone I talk to wants to know what my plans are for after graduation. Well at this point my plans are to celebrate. That’s right. I’m going to rejoice in the fact that after 7 years I have completed and achieved 3 Associates and 1 Bachelors degrees. I have worked my ass off in doing so.  I have struggled through 40+ hour work weeks, alongside 16 hours of school in those weeks, and endless amounts of homework.  I have sacrificed relationships, jobs, friendship, experiences, and my life for my education. I have racked a serious amount of student debt, I have lost focus on my health and body image.  But most of all:

I have GAINED! I have GROWN! I have LEARNED!

I’ve had different experiences, relationships, jobs, friendships and a different life. With all that I have sacrificed, I have gained. I have grown. I have learned. And it is with that, that I can now celebrate. I can celebrate the last 7 years. I can celebrate the struggles, the joy, the fear, the pain, the love, the old, the new, the experiences, the knowledge, the growth, the understanding.

I can celebrate ME!

I wouldn’t be the women, person, figure, image, imagination, child, sister, daughter, friend, enemy, lover, hater, that I am today.  I would be that same high school graduate that I was. That girl I look back at and shake my head at.  That girl who had crazy dreams. That girl who was lost in her own world. That girl that I didn’t want to be for the rest of my life.


To answer everyone and anyone. I am going to celebrate my accomplishments. I am going to celebrate who I am, what I have learned, my experiences, the person I have become.

I am going to celebrate CHRISTINA!



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It’s been 2 Years!!!



Happy Birthday LMLAIKI! These past two years have been wonderful. We have been off and on and off again but this year is looking up for us. I’m ready to dive into our second year of life at full force. So loves, stay tuned because things should only get better. Oh and the lack of posting should soon be fixed.

Have a cupcake or two for us!

xoxo – 



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Back to the Blogsphere

Hello Lovelies and Happy Monday –

I’d like to make an announcement… I’m back… to the blog sphere! Okay, Okay, ya I was never really gone. I just took a little bit of a break. It was a much-needed break and I feel very much so refreshed and ready to be back in contact with all of you.

While I was on hiatus from the blog, I happened to also be on break from school. While on break I spent a lot of time working and lots of time with the new love* in my life!

Here are a few photos to give you a bit of a catch up on my life these past two months:

I hit the slopes.. It was all ice but still fun

I hit the slopes.. It was all ice but still fun

Making memories w/new friends

Making memories w/new friends

New hair cut

New hair cut

Puppy love - Lets introduce Louie

Puppy love – Lets introduce Louie

New Years with the Ladies

New Years with the Ladies

New Years Drinks

New Years Drinks

PJ Dance party

PJ Dance party

Cirque Du Soleil - Xmas gift to my love

Cirque Du Soleil – Xmas gift to my love


Went sliding down cement slides


Family photo


Pool with the boo!

Best sign I saw this break - entrance to a bar

Best sign I saw this break – entrance to a bar

Celebration of finishing my semester

Celebration of finishing my semester

As you can see I stayed pretty busy and had a pretty darn good time.


Stay tuned as I will be back to blogging on a regular basis. Next up in the que is about Graduation struggles!

xoxo my loves 


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Home Sick


Sorry my Monday inspiration didn’t go out yesterday. After a long day at work I had all intentions of coming home and posting but I started to not feel very good on my way home from work.

And today I can report I am home sick and in bed… Booooooo!!!!!

Anyways hopefully if I start feeling better i can get back to blogging.

Miss you all


It’s Finals Time

That’s right it’s that time of the semester again. Finals, ugh!

You’ve all probably already noticed my lack of posts lately and that’s because well the semester is coming to a close and my to-do list for school work keeps growing.

As I type this out right now, I’m taking a quick study break from reading about the Philosophy of Law. Sounds interesting right? Actually it is but it’s also very complicated and hard to grasp.


This is what my table at school looks like right now. Lots of papers to read, lots of highlighting and oh yeah a large cup of coffee.

Did I mention my to-do list keeps growing too? Here’s a glimpse of my to-do list for school over the next 2 in a half weeks.

Public Speaking Class
1. Study for final exam – study session May 2nd
2. Final exam – May 7th
3. Final Paper 5-7 pages – due May 16th
4. Final Speech

Leadership Communication
1. Quiz attempt 2 – due Tuesday night by 11:45pm
2. Written communication project piece – for group presentation
3. Group presentation meeting – May 5th
4. Group presenting – May 7th
5. Study for final – hopefully get a group together to do so
6. Final – May 16th

Philosophy of Law
1. Study for quiz
2. Quiz on Tuesday
3. Stay caught up on readings
4. Study for quiz number 6
5. Quiz number 6 – May 16th
6. Final exam – take home essay

Criminal Justice
1. Catch up on reading – ha ya right
2. Homework assignment – due Tuesday
3. Final paper – Due May14th
4. Study for final
5. Final – take home

That’s just my school todo list, I also still have my personal to-do list
Monday-Friday client work
Apply daily to 3-5 part time jobs
Attended Meet-Ups to network and make friends 1-3 times a week
A date 1-2 a week – with friends, J or an actual date date
Gym 3-4 times a week
Read books for book clubs
Dr. Appointment – Today
Pick up package at UPS – by Wednesday – bridesmaid dress
Grandparents in town next week – May 8th-9th
Engagement Party weekend in Santa Barbra for K&J – May 10-12

And I know this list will keep growing.

At this point I feel like there isn’t enough time in each day for me to accomplish what I need and want to. I create a daily to-do list every night before bed for the next day and for the past week I have not yet been able to check everything off on my list made for that day.

What’s your schedule like? Is it as hectic as mine? Do you use list, day planners or an application on your smart phone to keep you organized? I’m interested in what works best for you! How do you time manage?

Well break time is over. Today is defiantly a day I know I won’t get everything done because its not physically possible.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks I will do my best to post at least once a week but I can’t make any promises. Until next time, wish me luck through the next 3 weeks, I can use all the luck I can get.

Happy Monday beauties!