What is my true purpose?


Lately every time I read Yelena’s blog, I am filled with a rush of thoughts and ideas on things to write about on my own blog.  Basically she sets me up to always be able to piggy back off of her most recent posts.  Thanks Girl  🙂

So any who, this week Yelena wrote a post on “What if money was no object?”You’ll have to jump over and read it (it’s totally worth the stray from my site) and it will back up my post completely (but don’t forget to come back over here).

IF money was no object, what would I do? 

  – Go to Law School (Money or not I’m already going to go)

  – Buy every pair of shoes or every handbag I fall in love with  (this girl loves shoes and purses)

  – Sponsor a Make a Wish child monthly

  – Buy a house in San Francisco

  – Attend fancy events

 – Travel the world

 – etc, etc, etc,

When asked this question I do what everyone does, I write a list of things that money could buy.  A list of things that if I had the option to not worry about what the price tag was, I wouldn’t hesitate to do them.  It’s a question that each and every one of asks our selves and even ask others.

We live in a society where it seems that money is everything.  But is money really everything? I know most times money is what brings you happiness, but the path to a life of that statue (money being no object) isn’t always one that makes people happy.  It often seems to be a path that makes people resent themselves and those around them.  A path that shelters people from the finer things in life.  The finer things like nature, and love.  The very things that help shape us into the people we are, the people we are meant to be.

In Yelena’s post, she proposes another question.

“Who would I be if I stripped away society’s expectations for my life. Most importantly, though, who would I be if I shed all my insecurities, fears and banished the image of who I think I should be – physically, spiritually, emotionally.”

and then with that she lays out an exercise by Steve Pavlina, asking for you to take  a piece paper or open your computer and write down what comes to mind when you ask yourself “What is my purpose in Life?” and to keep writing down what you think your purpose in life is until it makes you cry (or feel some sort of overwhelming emotion).

The goal in this exercise is to really get down to the core of who you want to be, what you want to do in life. With no expectations from society, letting go and shedding all your insecurities, fears and images of who others think you should be.

So this afternoon, I sat down and I did this exercise.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted my purpose in life to be.

What is my true purpose in life?

– to be a bomb-ass lawyer 

– to be the best I can be at everything I do 

– to educate myself to no end 

– to be a role model 

– to change someone perspective 

– to make a difference in society 

– to change someones life  

When I sit down, clear my mind, and truly think about it, I want to be a person who changes someones life.  I want to make such an impact on someone’s life that they view the world differently.   And now the question comes to my mind how do I want to change someones life, what is it that will make such an impact? This list gives me lots to think about, and many ideas for posts to come.  Until next time:

What would you do if money were no object?


What is your true purpose? 


– Christy 

Thank you Yelena! You are an amazing girl with amazing insights. You’ll have to stop writing on such good topics so I can stop piggy backing off of them!