Time flys by when you’re living life!

I can’t believe it is already Tuesday and I have not posted since last Monday! Wow… time flys by when you’re living life to its fullest. I do admit I am a very busy person…

ImageLike my schedule for the next month? Its color coordinated and I add things to it daily.

Well let me recap on my weekend!

Friday was a working day but I ended up playing more than working! As you know I work as a manager at B&L Bike Shop in Davis, CA and my mother is the owner of the shop. So with that said on Friday we were invited by some bicycle friends of ours to join them on a bicycle ride from Davis to Sacramento to check out NAHBS (National American Handmade Bicycle Show) and for some beer tasting in between the show and our ride back in honor of Sacramento Beer week. So more fun then work right? Here are a few pictures of some of the neat handmade bicycles and the beer sampler my mom and I split over lunch!


A Heart Hub! So Cute!


Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Tandem



So that was a lot of fun and totaled in 35 miles of riding! Yay for getting some miles in!

Saturday I spend all day DEEP cleaning my apartment as I was having a Thirty-One Party. No I’m not turning Thirty-one… Its a company that specializes in bags for travel, organization and style. You can check out their stuff here! My party closes on friday so if you like any of their items feel free to order from this website clicking on Shop Now by Christy Thirty-One Party! Their products are so cute and I can not wait to get the stuff I ordered in.


Yummy appetizers made by yours truly and wine!

After the Thirty-One Party I hit the town with my roomie and some of our girlfriends. Although our night didn’t last two long we had a blast and I paid the repercussions on Sunday!

Sunday I woke up not feeling so hot after my night out on the town Saturday… but I kicked myself in to gear and headed off to work. Drinking lots of sprite and eating greasy food all day. After work my BFF came over for a study session that turned into pizza and watching “27 Dresses”! Studying was put on hold till Monday!

So there you have my busy weekend. My week ahead seems just as busy! Tonight I start cooking from TheEveryGirl 5 Meals for $50.00 and will post recaps of each meal for you to follow along. If your interested in trying the 5 Meals for $50.00 out hope on over to their website. If you don’t already keep up to date with theevergirl you should just saying!

Happy Tuesday to you everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful week!