The Challenge

Today I went grocery shopping with a budget of around $150.00 for the next two weeks worth of food. I figured I would hit up Walmart, even though I am normally a Safeway grocery shopper, so I could save some money. In the long run I think I may have saved money at Safeway as there carts are smaller than Walmart’s carts. Therefore, making it look like I have plenty of items in my shopping cart earlier. So you can see where this may be going. 

That’s right! I spent way more than I had planned in my budget on food. Although, I bought everything I needed and added on a few household items as well. I still bought more than I would have at Safeway. Even though if I would have bought all the same items I did, at Safeway, I would have spent more than I did today at Walmart. 


Let me lay it out for you, I spent 5 cents short of $200 today at Walmart on groceries. WOW is right!

So “The Challenge” is: Christy will not eat out or purchase any quick snacks for the next two weeks! With the exception of Lindsay and My’s trip to San Francisco next Tuesday. I will be splurging for a wonderful lunch there. 

The challenge should be easy. I bought plenty of throw in my lunch bag for lunch type items and lots of healthy choices that could become quick snacks.

Tomorrow starts the challenge and I am already off to a fairly good start, as there is plenty of left overs from tonights stroganoff for lunch and dinner tomorrow. 

I will let you know how it goes, including my struggles and triumphs. 

Are you facing any challenges right now?