Rewind…Fast Forward… Now What…


About 7 years ago I graduated from high school with the plan to never attend college. At 18 I was over education and thought I was invisible.  6 months later I was bored with my everyday life and had a random desire to head back to school. So with that I enrolled myself in community college and started taking the basic math and english courses.  Add another year and I was transferring to a community college in California and narrowing down my ideas for a major. Add 6 months and I had decided on a Business degree. Another year later I was changing my degree focus to Marketing and 6 months later changing it to Communication.  Insert one year and its 2011 and I’ve finished the course work for 3 Associates Degrees and am being told its time I transferred to a State or University school to achieve my bachelors degree. Fall 2012 arrives and I’m sitting in a classroom at San Francisco State University pursuing my communication degree.


It’s May 8th 2014, I have exactly three more days of school left to attend, and one final exam to take before I graduate from San Francisco State University. With a degree in the Study of Communication. I am stressed and anxious. My senioritis has hit in full force. My attention is lost. My drive for education seems to have dissipated. I just want it to be over. The end is so near but it seems so far away.

Well NOW what:

It’s the same question day in and day out. Everyone I talk to wants to know what my plans are for after graduation. Well at this point my plans are to celebrate. That’s right. I’m going to rejoice in the fact that after 7 years I have completed and achieved 3 Associates and 1 Bachelors degrees. I have worked my ass off in doing so.  I have struggled through 40+ hour work weeks, alongside 16 hours of school in those weeks, and endless amounts of homework.  I have sacrificed relationships, jobs, friendship, experiences, and my life for my education. I have racked a serious amount of student debt, I have lost focus on my health and body image.  But most of all:

I have GAINED! I have GROWN! I have LEARNED!

I’ve had different experiences, relationships, jobs, friendships and a different life. With all that I have sacrificed, I have gained. I have grown. I have learned. And it is with that, that I can now celebrate. I can celebrate the last 7 years. I can celebrate the struggles, the joy, the fear, the pain, the love, the old, the new, the experiences, the knowledge, the growth, the understanding.

I can celebrate ME!

I wouldn’t be the women, person, figure, image, imagination, child, sister, daughter, friend, enemy, lover, hater, that I am today.  I would be that same high school graduate that I was. That girl I look back at and shake my head at.  That girl who had crazy dreams. That girl who was lost in her own world. That girl that I didn’t want to be for the rest of my life.


To answer everyone and anyone. I am going to celebrate my accomplishments. I am going to celebrate who I am, what I have learned, my experiences, the person I have become.

I am going to celebrate CHRISTINA!



101 in 1001, Life

101 in 1001 // Update

Christy’s 101 things in 1001 days Update: 

Anything in BOLD RED is something I have completed, Italicized Neon Green is what I am working on currently. I’m moving along quite well on this list and I plan on knocking out quite a few more of the “what I’m working on ones” as well as a few others like going snowboarding, etc. 

  1. Inspire someone else to do the 101 list  Yelena over at the blog “The Twenty-Something” check out her list 
  2. Create a savings account – (created savings account on Jan 2nd)
  3. Apply for a passport  filled out the paper work – just need to schedule and appointment and file 
  4. Pay off all my CC debt putting money away from tips daily to put towards CC debt – March 1st 2014 is goal!
  5. Travel outside the country
  6. Graduate from SFSU  – (should graduate Spring 2014)
  7. Get a big girl job
  8. Take the LSAT  – Got a 141 on the October 5th 2013 test 
  9. Apply to Law school
  10. Read 25 books for pleasure 6/25 – see my list of books below.
  11. Unplug for a weekend (phone and internet) – Must be a weekend I don’t work
  12. Go camping
  13. Go Skinny dipping
  14. Visit a big city in the U.S. – Jax and I are planning a trip to New York in March 2013 
  15. Throw a big party
  16. Buy the person behind me coffee or a meal
  17. Send a care package to someone in the military
  18. Send a care package to a friend
  19. Write personal letters to at least 5 people 0/5
  20. Get a minimum of 50 people to follow my blog between the blogs Facebook page and the blog directly  44/50
  21. Go a month without take out
  22. Have a no spend month (groceries, bills, emergencies only)
  23. Ride 1000 miles 46.45/1000 – see my logged miles below – check out this post about one of my rides!
  24. Go on a date 
  25. Fall in love again
  26. Dance in the rain
  27. Sing Karaoke in a bar
  28. Travel alone somewhere at least over night  went to Disney Land – 
  29. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  30. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  31. Go Wine tasting in Napa
  32. Jump off a cliff
  33. Train for and Run a 5k (I am not a fan of running so this will be a challenge for me)
  34. Have dinner by candle light
  35. Give a 100% tip
  36. Complete a 30 day photo challenge
  37. Create and Inspiration/dream wall in my kitchen
  38. Fill my frames with pictures of people I love  I have filled 3, I need to buy some more  frames 
  39. Invest in blog business cards
  40. Have someone redesign my blog – I redesigned it myself
  41. Be sponsored on my blog
  42. Organize and download all my photos from Facebook
  43. Attend a blogging conference
  44. Take a cooking or baking class
  45. Make 10 recipes from pinterest 2/10 – Pasta tacos, pesto chicken and tomato noodles, 
  46. Do 5 DIY projects from pinterest
  47. Put all of my recipes together in a cookbook
  48. Do 10 things from 1/10 – Dinner at Grub 10/17/13,
  49. Get straight A’s one semester
  50. Buy new pots and pans *make the investment – my stepdad bought me some a set in August 13′
  51. Sponsor a child in a third world country
  52. Sponsor a Make a Wish Child
  53. Get a Tattoo – Tattoo on my wrist in honor of two of my Grandpas
  54. Play Wii sports games for 30 days straight
  55. Buy and learn Photoshop  its been downloaded – now to learn it
  56. Do Yoga for 30 days straight
  57. Go to a concert  Swedish House Mafia 2/14/13, Tim McGraw 6/9/13, Jason Aldean 10/12/13, 
  58. Identify 101 things that make me smile 17/101 – see my list below
  59. Record myself singing and share on Facebook and YouTube
  60. Write a letter to myself to open when I am 30
  61. Watch or re-watch all movies that got best picture in the past 10 years as of 2013 0/10
  62. Put $10 into savings for everything completed on this list $30/$1010 
  63. Do the A-Z picture challenge
  64. Keep a line a day  for 3 months  ended up being more than a line a day see this Monday inspiration post  
  65. Call my Mom/Dad/Stepmom/sister once a month for a year I talk to one of them at least 2-3 times a month
  66. Write a blog post for every completed item on the list  2/101 see all posts about completed tasks by clicking on the task
  67. Have acupuncture done
  68. Go snowboarding – I love snowboarding but don’t get to go ever now that I live in California
  69. Go one month without buying coffee from Starbucks
  70. Attend a festival – Carnival with Eva, SF Pride with J, 
  71. Give 20 just because gifts 0/20
  72. Have photos taken with family
  73. Have boudoir photos taken
  74. Go to Disney World – does Disney Land count?
  75. Grow a plant from a seed
  76. Donate to a cause or charity
  77. Send a post card to
  78. Send 20 postcards through post crossings 0/20
  79. Answer the 50 questions to free my mind
  80. Ride my bicycle across the golden gate bridge 
  81. Do a full ride in Marin county
  82. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast
  83. Go to the zoo
  84. Finish all desperate housewives episodes 57/180
  85. Hide a note in a book in my school library
  86. Go to the ballet
  87. Make myself a build a bear
  88. Put a scrapbook together of Rae and I to give to her at her graduation
  89. Send flowers to a friend just because
  90. Have a movie theater marathon: 2 movies 1 day – Saw “We’re the Millers” and “Elysium” 
  91. Learn how to golf or at least go golfing once
  92. Order new checks – they are very girly and even have my SF address on them
  93. Come out to all my family and friends 
  94. Have a guest blogger – Yelena has been a guest blogger twice for Law School 101
  95. Be a guest blogger
  96. Keep flowers in my apartment for a month straight or longer now working on keeping them continually 
  97. Go to a big San Francisco Event  SF Pride Week 
  98. Try a new restaurant once a week for a month
  99. Write at least 24 vent letters and burn them 0/25
  100. Leave an operation beauty note somewhere 0/10
  101. Brush and Floss my teeth twice a day every day for a month straight  the goal is to keep up the routine – not sure why I have this on here I think it’s a cheater because I do this everyday unless I unexpectedly stay over at a friend’s house! 

#10 Read 25 books for Pleasure

 Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades Darker
Fifty Shades Freed
Lone Survivor 
Re-Read: Catching Fire

Tracking of  #23 Ride 1000 Miles on my Bicycle

January 3rd 2013 – 26.45 miles – First trip across the bridge (also completed #8 read my post about it here)

February 3rd 2013 – 8 Miles – First Mnt. Bike Ride

6 miles – Through the City Bridge to Bridge

3 miles – Bike ride to Golden Gate Park with Joshua

3 miles – Bike ride to Baker Beach with Joshua

#58 Identify 101 things that make me smile

My cat (Sweetpea)
Having a place of my own
Living in San Francisco
My little Sister Rachael
Mist from the Fog
Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge
The Beach
Crappy Television



24 and a Senior // College Life Link Up

Gina Alyse
Today I am linking up with Gina Alyse a blogger on College, Faith and Creativity. This week she has created a blog hop, where other bloggers can link together to share their stories, advice and tips on college. So today I thought I would write a little bit about my outlook on college, where it has gotten me thus far and how I feel  about being a Senior in my undergraduate at 24 years old.

That’s right, I am 24 years old…

and working on my undergraduate degree as a senior at San Francisco State University. I will be 25 years old in October and graduating from SFSU in May of 2014.  So you might wonder a few of the following;

Why is this girl a senior at 24

Well to answer that question… because I made a few poor mistakes after graduating High School.  When I graduated HS I lived in a small town in Washington, and was in love with a boy. I thought I was going to marry this boy and be a stay at home mom, like everyone else in this small town of mine, so college wasn’t in my future plans.

Although, I did attend a couple of community college classes the following year after graduation just to say I was a so called a “college girl.” Well I quickly dropped out of those classes and took up 3 waitressing jobs instead.  I was destined to be a waitress for the rest of my life. I had created a life for myself with the love of my life (at the time), we had moved into an apartment together, both had steady jobs, were able to party with our friends whenever we wanted. Life was good, or so I thought.

One day though, thinks went horribly wrong in the relationship I was in, and on top of that I wasn’t liking where my life was headed. I had become a border-line alcoholic, and drug user, I smoked like a chimney and to top it off my relationship had turned into an abusive situation.  I needed to get far far away from where I was. So I packed my bags and moved to California to live with my mom and change my life. Upon moving to California, I knew my first order of business was to go to college. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere in life with out a college degree.

However, I was an out-of-state resident according to all of the community colleges here. I needed to have lived in California for at least a year to gain my residency and not have to pay sky-high college fees. So I did just that, I waited a year and then started attending Community College in Sacramento. After 2 in a half years of community college I was finally able to apply to transfer to a University and in Fall of 2012 I moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University.

I am now headed into my senior year here at San Francisco State and I couldn’t be happier.

What have I learned along this journey? 

I have learned a ton of thing and am continuing to learn new things everyday.  I have learned that I am an amazing person with dreams the reach further than the eye can see. I have an ambition to reach those dreams and one day I know I will.  I have learned that education can come at anytime in your life, no matter your situation or age, it will never matter.

I have also learned a ton about the world, our society and who I want to be and what I want to do with my life.

Follow my blog and you can join me in the journey I am on and what I am learning. 

What do I feel I have missed out on? 

I don’t regret taking the path I have taken, because I have learned a lot about who I am along the way. However, I did miss out on somethings when it comes to heading straight to college after High School, that at times I wish I would have been able to experience.

1. Living in the dorms

2. Graduating at the same time as my friends

3. Beginning my life in a career oriented job in my early twenties.

There are plenty more things I missed out on but at the same time there has been so many things I think I have experienced that others have not.

What are you studying and what are your plans after College?  

I am a Communication Major. This only took my 3 years to figure out. I originally wanted to go into business, then journalism and I finally settled on communication.

Why Communication?  – because after taking a few communication classes that were cross classes with journalism, I fell in love with the theories and aspects of communication. I have loved every communication class I have taken and I can not wait to take a ton of communication classes this semester. The way people communicate fascinates me now.

Whats next? – I am currently studying to take the LSAT as I would like to attend Law School after graduating from SFSU this up coming spring.

Why Law school? – That’s a good question, that to this day I can’t give a specific answer. But for some reason since taking a Debate class at my community college and a professor mentioning that I had the potential to become a Lawyer, it has become my biggest goal to do just that.

Do I have any advice or tips for girls heading straight to a University or to a Community College? 

My advice for girls heading straight to a University …. Enjoy every second of it, keep in touch with your family on a regular basis, keep a journal, make as many friends as you can and study something that truly interests you.

My advice for girls heading to a Community College … Enjoy every second of it, keep in touch with your family if you have moved away, keep a journal, make as many friends and possible, join clubs (just do it), study hard, get your general education classes done at your CC, figure out your major once you have completed you GE classes, and choose a school to transfer to that will give you the opportunity to travel and or explore new things.

For both girls going to a University or Community College…. Be yourself, be the best you can be, take every opportunity that comes your way and last but not least…


xoxo – Christy



Milestone Reached


Picture curitous of Bug (my sister) ~ Picture was taken in April 2012 a windy day (when I had bangs) ~

Today marks a huge milestone for me and I am so excited to share my excitement of reaching it with you. First I’d like to share a little about me to help y’all understand why this “milestone” is such a huge feet for me.

I was born in Portsmouth, VA, my Mom and Dad were in the Navy and based there. At the age of two, we drove cross-country and moved in with my grandparents in Enumclaw, WA. After living with them for a short stint, my parents got a place on their own but divorced shortly afterward, I was around the age of 4. My mom moved to California and remarried. I stayed with my Dad in Washington who also remarried to his High School sweetheart, when I was 5 or so.

Every school break, 3-day weekend and summer I would come to California and stay with my mom. It was the best part of my younger years, I got to go to California all the time, which was a dream for everyone I grew up with and not one that came true for many. So I was pretty rad because my mom lived in California.

My mom made it a habit that at the end of every summer trip, we would come new school clothes shopping in San Francisco and that was by far my favorite part of every summer. And it wasn’t because I was getting a rad new wardrobe it was because I was getting to go to San Francisco. This is where my “milestone” comes into play. After my first visit to the city I was in love and my heart was left in San Francisco. I made a promise to myself that before I died I would live IN San Francisco for at least 6 months of my life.

So to continue on with my quick life story, about a year after graduating High School, I moved to California to live with my mom and start my adult “grown up” life. I made it to Davis and Sacramento and that was as close as I was getting to San Francisco, unless I was taking a day trip to the city.

As the years passed, the dream of living in SF never faded away. It was always there in the back of my head. However, I was starting to begin to think of it as only ever being a dream and not ever becoming reality. The way things were moving along in my life didn’t place me ever-living in San Francisco.

It had been about 4 years that I had been living in California and I was about to transfer from a community college to a state college. It had been recommended to me that for my Major (Communication) that I apply to San Francisco State.  I was a little hesitant at first because my life (relationship, and job wise) was all in the Sacramento area and I was comfortable there. But one day it hit me, that this was my opportunity to make my dream come true. So I applied to San Francisco State, along with Sacramento State (wasn’t getting my hopes up).  But when my letter arrived in January last year saying I had been excepted to SF State, I was on cloud 9.

In June last year I packed my bags and moved to the bay area for school.  I moved to Daly City which was right outside of SF city limits and close to campus. It wasn’t the greatest place to live but it was convenient for school. As of this month, I have been living in the bay area for a year.

BUT, today marks my 6th month living IN San Francisco.  On December 10th, I moved into a small studio apartment in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco City, to be closer to my friends and job at the time. So today June 10th, marks my milestone. I turned my dream into a reality. I have lived in SF for 6 months.  I have absolutely continued to fall in love with this city. There are so many wonderful people, things to do, places to see and it’s all-around just an amazing place to live.

Best part of this is my life has completely changed paths, and for the next couple years, maybe forever (depending on Law School), I am here to stay.  So, here’s to my 6 months in San Francisco. I couldn’t be a happier girl!




Summer Break is upon me

After what has seemed to be the longest semester ever, I have finally completed my Spring semester at San Francisco State University. Do you know what that means?

No? well let me tell you, it means that next year will be my Senior year, and I (as long as everything goes as planned) will be graduating this time next year with my Bachelors in Communication. After what will be 6 years of undergrad studying, I can not wait to graduate!

Now with that said, summer break is here and I am so ready to jump back on the blogging bandwagon.


I know it has been hit or miss with me these last few months, and I feel horrible about it. Not only because I am not providing anything for ya’ll to read but mainly because I’ve not been able to work on my goal of building my blog. So as I slam my fist on the desk, I mean it when I say I am back and ready to write, entertain and grow.

With that said there will be two posts today. This one as well as a day late Adventure Wednesday. Here’s to summer, my blog, ya’ll and just having a darn good time.

– C



A bit of a Hiatus

When will I ever be on top of this thing? Really, I do love blogging but lately life has really gotten the best of me. I mean one week turned into three weeks.  Well in all hopes I am back from my blog hiatus. Although, I am not sure I could really call it a hiatus. I wasn’t taking a break on purpose. Really. Life just got in the way. 

So lets recap my last couple of weeks. Last time I posted I informed everyone of my acceptance to San Francisco State University. That was some news I had been waiting a life time to receive. YAY! It’s finally here. Although, now I am starting to freak out a little bit. The thought of having to find a new job and a new place to live is a little overwhelming. I’m sure that once I am finished with this semester of school things will be lest overwhelming. 

Other than the winding down of my excitement these last few weeks have brought me some health issues. On the 15th I passed out and ended up in Urgent Care due to intolerable stomach pains and vomiting. This turned into testing for Salmonella and/or Chron’s Disease. At this point I have neither but the doctors have me under close watch.

I think most of my health outrage was due to stress. Between work and school I have been fairly strung out. Well, Spring Break is a week away and I will have a little bit of a hiatus from school then. Lindsay and I will be headed to the Bay Area for a day to check out places and areas for me to live. (I will make sure to take lots of pictures and update you all on that adventure) 

This past weekend was fairly relaxing. I had the joy of housesitting the pups (Penelope and Rocky) and having Mr. Handsome join me. I worked everyday but made the best of the time I had with the pups and Mr. Handsome. I miss having time to spend with him. At least we are getting used to the idea of being apart for awhile now, before I move. Should make the adjustment fairly easy. 

My poor kitty Sweetpea seems to have separation anxiety. Poor Kitty threw up a few times while I was gone and now that I am home won’t leave my side. Makes me feel very loved. Image

Isn’t she just adorable! 

Well here’s to a new week. I vow to blog more and catch up on the 243 unread blogs on my bloglovin account. As well as, to start waking up in the morning and starting my day with some Yoga. Hopefully that will releve some of my stress and keep me calm. 

Till next time – Enjoy your week everyone!