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It’s been 2 Years!!!



Happy Birthday LMLAIKI! These past two years have been wonderful. We have been off and on and off again but this year is looking up for us. I’m ready to dive into our second year of life at full force. So loves, stay tuned because things should only get better. Oh and the lack of posting should soon be fixed.

Have a cupcake or two for us!

xoxo – 



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Monday Inspiration: Forget and Remember


I ran across this quote/ saying a couple of weeks ago and meant to post it that week for my Monday Inspiration posts but I never go around too it. But I really wanted to make sure I got it posted because  its something I have been starting to do daily, as well as it also kind of sums up on of my 101 in 1001’s.

J told me about this new journal idea he was given by a friend and told me I should try it out. What you do is every day before you go to bed you write in a journal 3 Daily pluses and 3 things you are looking forward to tomorrow.  Basically the goal is to be able to realize what made your day a good day and what you have to look forward to when you wake up in the morning.

So a few months ago I started this journal process. At first it was really hard for me to catch on to doing it every day and I would struggle when I couldn’t think of 3 things that either were pluses in my day or that I was looking forward to for the next day. I finally found a system that worked for me.

I don’t just write down 3 daily pluses, I write down anything that was a plus in that day and when it comes to what I am looking forward to for the next day, I write down the first things that pop in to my mind but if I can’t come up with 3 I put something in like going on a walk or reading from a certain book. This way I am giving myself a goal to do something that I would enjoy.

I’m happy to announce that last month I did my Daily Pluses Journal everyday for the entire month which is part of  one of my 101 things in 1001 days items to accomplish # 64 Keep a Line a Day Journal for 3 Months.  So I still have 2 months to go and I’m continuing to work towards this accomplishment. Even though it is little more than a Line a Day, it works for me.


Do you write in a journal? Do you write daily or off an on? Is your blog your journal or do you have another way of journaling?

SO, now why does this have to do anything with the quote pictured above or Monday Inspiration? Well Its pretty self explanatory “Forget the Day’s troubles, Remember the days blessing.” By writing down my daily pluses I am choosing to remember the days blessings before I got to bed, ignoring any of the troubles I had in the day.

My challenge for you is to find a way for yourself to do the same. Forget the troubles you had today and remember what made your day worth it.

– CT